Monday, October 29, 2012


Here is a photo of a Bob Villa kitchen highlight that I find attractive. It's the first kitchen. I don't like being enclosed into a kitchen, but I do like the corrugated metal against the bar wall and the short depth shelves that are stacked enough to actually be useful. And the window over the sink. And, and, and...I like all of it.
The country cabin design will incorporate a hanging pot rack of some sort or another. If there is one thing I detest, it is having to stoop down to dig through the various pots and pans we have stacked organized in the lower cabinets, yet the task of wanting a skillet six deep is not always so convenient. The pot rack in the country cabin will be placed in an area where the hanging, clanging metal is within easy reach of this short gal. No more kitchen problems with important items being out of my reach.
Short know what I'm talking about!
Much thought is going toward the kitchen and mud-room design. Much. It might be rather unconventional, but it will certainly be practical and enjoyable when it comes to preparing a meal.

This is the GREAT part about planning to build a cabin that is far from the cookie-cutter home ideal of mass production. I'm living in one of those houses right now. Not bad, but not great either.
Of course, for the kitchen, I am looking for a sturdy pot rack that is classic and large enough to handle lots of pots and pans. 

I love the sheetmetal on the bar wall. No need to worry about
feet scuffing the metal! This is the height of practicality!
Actually, I LOVE this kitchen.
A wall of French pot racks would be very useful, This one holds the pots with the lids slid over the handle of the pot for each pairing. The colanders hang at the end and the large pots are within easy reach. This kind of arrangement is multipurpose and can be within easy reach for me or anyone else ready to cook.

With creativity, a home-made version of a french pot rack can be fashioned. I'd rather have decorative hooks that are permanently installed than have hooks that come loose too easily.
Maybe a version of these shelves would be nice, but with a cabinet on top that has an area below for hooks to hang pots and larger utensils.

Let's not even get started on peg-boards. I'm a Julia Child fan from childhood. Her peg-board with the outline of each pot, pan and utensil, made by her husband, had brought me immense happiness. Ah, the joy of a peg-board.

Home-made pot-racks and peg-boards...I'm thinking about it...smiling...smiling...


Dar said...

Lana, dear girl,
I was doing some catch-up reading of your entries and WOW, what a wonderful thing your family is doing with the Boys and Girls Harbor. It's a huge hearted undertaking. Your new family will be so well loved and cared for. You are God's gifts to the children.

On the lighter side, your home plans are steady on your mind, now, I'm sure, more than ever. I love the country homes too, with the expansive porches. A dream.

Love the hanging pot rack. Very useful for more than pots and pans, large utensils too.

Have so much fun.

Michelle said...

We had a pan rack in our old kitchen,I loved it. I wish we had room for one in our new kitchen.

Karen said...

I was upside down in my kitchen cupboard last night, digging around in the jumbled mess of pots and pans for my little frying pan lid. Do you think I could find it?? I hate standing on my head looking for stuff. Great idea with the hanging pot racks. I can't wait to see your new kitchen, I know it will be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

How about a long tree limb for a pot rack? Beth

WhisperingWriter said...

Very nice!

LindaG said...

I could only see the French pot racks. I expect it's my cell phone internet connection, or Google Chrome.
Anyway, your post title of peg-boards got me to thinking about our kitchen. Since hubby insists that there will be some sort of cover for the boards (he doesn't like the board walls in the kitchen), maybe we will use pegboard. I can think of lots of ways that might be useful. Now I just have to convince him. ;o)
Thanks, Lana! Hope you have a wonderful night!

Best Hanging Pot Rack said...

I like your ideas, there wonderful. I can only stress the fact that a pot rack can benefit you in many ways. You've already expressed several of them in your post. I think one of the biggest features of owning a pot rack is, saving the back; no more bending or kneeling to find that particular pot you need. said...

Dar - We are trying to get our house sold, but in this economy, it will be tough. I'm trying! I'm eager to have a kitchen that will be more functional. The kids have been a delight -- I have been honored to be a part of their lives.

Michelle - Like you, in our last house, we had a pot rack and I LOVED it. It was a tiny kitchen, but the pot rack was unique and very useful. Since we used it so heavily, I am looking forward to diong something similar at the cabin.

Karen - sometimes I feel like we must get a flashlight and jump in headfirst to get what we need out of the cupboards! It will be fun to design something different.

Beth - I think a limb from the land would be awesome!

Whispering Writer - Thank you!

Linda - I bet the pegboard in your kitcehn will look awesome!

Best Hanging Pot Rack - Saving the back is EXACTLY what I'm striving for!