Sunday, October 21, 2012

# 362 - Mom's Honor Chair

One person who would not be attending the wedding, at least not physically, would be my mother...Heather's grandmother.

In honor of her contributions to Heather's life, we left a chair open for my mom with one of her fun hats laid upon it and her scarf draped across it for the ceremony. It was poignant.

After the wedding ceremony, my brother-in-law asked if my sister and I would like to get a photo of us together at the chair. He is a very thoughtful man, that brother-in-law of mine.

We sat on each side of mom's-honor-chair, then with such natural affection, my sister and I reached out to hold hands as the picture was taken; we joyfully showed our love and respect for our mother on this beautiful day.

I believe it would have made her proud to know we loved her enough to show remembrance of her on this important day for her first grandchild who was getting married.

My mother was there for me when I became critically ill at 33 years of age. In and out of the hospital I would go, so she stepped up to the plate and helped me with my daughters. My mom was beautiful and giving and patient and strong and firm and she helped me survive what many do not. Partly due to her diligence, I was finally diagnosed with a rare endocrine condition many do not survive. Most are diagnosed with this rare condition upon autopsy. She was a huge part of the equation that helped to keep me going long enough to get a proper diagnosis and the treatment needed for my life to continue.

So, my mom became more than a grandmother to my children, she became a bonus mother-figure for the days I was hospitalized or too sick to sit upright.

My children had a true source of security, stability and love with my mother during these times; she was a constant source of maternal strength for them to lean upon. I'll never forget her generosity and sacrifice.

Along with my husband's never-say-die attitude, none of us will forget my mom for being our strength when we most needed the boost. Most of all, Heather loved her grandmother and is so much like her. My mom taught Heather to have confidence, even when everything is not great, to still be confident, to be outspoken, yet full of compassion.

My mother loved being a grandmother more than she had loved being a mom. She was born to be a grandmother. She was consistently by Heather's side throughout her years of growing much of Heather reminds me of my mom's spirit and personality. Not only is my daughter Heather able to speak up and to take charge, just like my mother had been able to do, Heather is just like my mom in that she is determined to be closely bonded to her family, through thick and thin.

Yes, she reminds me so much of my mom...the spunky woman in the wheelchair with the brilliant smile, a woman who never let adversity hold her back.

My sister and I sitting on each side of our mom's honor chair.

We continue to miss her, but in both of my daughters, I still see so much of my mom. That is a blessing I never expected to enjoy so thoroughly.


Dar said...

What a very special tribute to your Mother, the honor chair was hugged with more love than ever. You girls did your Mother proud, I'm certain.
This will not be forgotten by anyone who knew and loved her.

Dar said...

Oh my, I had to drop in again to let you know I crashed the wedding. What a beautiful wedding! I think I was there complete with cowgirl boots and a red solo cup full of fresh flowers. Simply the most beautiful wedding of the summer. You and your daughter, you and your sister, so much family, even the pups got to come. I had a blast. Beautiful.

LindaG said...

*hugs* ♥
Have a wonderful, blessed week, Lana.

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

This is such an awesome post Lana. Your mom was there with y'all in spirit, smiling down.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful......just wonderful.
Beth said...

Dar --- When the wedding was first being planned, a long time ago, I suggested the idea of an honor chair to my daughter and she loved it. Her grandmother was such a blessing in her life. The wedding was indeed a lot of fun. We had a wild storm move through during the reception, but the storm certainly didn't affect attendance numbers! I loved that my daughter had such a strong sense of knowing what she wanted for her wedding. She made all her own dreams come true!

Linda --- Thank you!! I always love your hugs and am thinking of you! Hoping to get back to catching up with my blog reading very soon!

Chain Stitch Crochet - I definitely felt my mom's spirit right there with me, beside me, as my daughter walked down the aisle. I could truly feel my mom's joy mixed with my own. Having such a mom is a blessing, beyond the time you must say good-bye, physically.