Monday, July 8, 2013

# 455 - Turtle Crossing in the Country

The land is beginning to look more like home to humans. Well, a sliver of it is looking more approachable without a machete.

Trying to get St. Augustine grass to grow around the RV and
future home-site. It helps the ground not be so sandy.

However, every day, there is a mini-adventure here in the country on our acreage.

Today, Howdy the Aussie was barking at a small cluster of dried leaves in the center of the yard (seen above) and when I first took a look, I thought he was being goofy and barking at a few branches.

Then, I looked closer and saw this little beauty, which Sgt. Dave picked up for me to inspect for injuries.

After that, I was carrying around the turtle and inspecting it really close...not worried one bit. I should have been concerned about it being a snapping turtle since I have vivid memories of my brother putting them on my neck in the morning, a special wake-up call.

As usual, I can't tell you the kind of turtle this happens to be...knowing our luck, it is some rare breed that we aren't allowed to touch with human hands.

I kept the turtle in a box for a couple of hours with some celery. Why celery? Heck, it was the turtle-menu-item of the day. Anyway, I made sure the turtle looked okay so I could let it go into the woods.

And what would've happened if the turtle had NOT been okay? Well, I know the shell would NOT have gone to waste, but I am very happy this little critter was able to be released without incident.

I still am wondering how it got so far into the pasture area of our land, away from a water source.

The dogs were extremely interested in this turtle, as they are with all things that make motion.

He/She appeared to be perfectly healthy and rather strong, so I took the turtle to the edge of the woods, toward the creek, and I let it go. Which, letting a turtle go is not a MOMENTOUS occasion such as when you let a bird go free and it flies out of sight as you feel delighted. Letting a turtle go is kind of like slow's a release that requires patience.

Run turtle RUN, the chickens are coming your way!

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