Tuesday, July 23, 2013

# 460 - Celebrating in Greater Houston! A Baby Shower!

Heather, my oldest daughter, just had her first baby shower for her baby that is due at the end of August.

We are thrilled about our first grand-baby joining the family! She is a welcomed addition to the nutty bunch of us. I'm sure we will have a lot of happy moments together.

But, for the baby shower last weekend, Heather looked so precious!

Heather and Henry are so excited about their baby Coraline! And my oldest daughter takes after my husband in her height. Stefie takes after my side of the family and is on the small side.

The shower was wonderful...these kiddos went home with a lot of nice baby gifts.

Heather is positively stunning while pregnant. She is one of those women who carries the baby well, and she has remained active and busy throughout her pregnancy.

We enjoyed lots of goodies and great snacks during the shower. Of course, I went overboard in buying soft pink and hot pink dinnerware, a helium tank for the different balloons we picked up and enough popcorn to feed 75 people...that was $40.00 just for popcorn! But, it was delicious.

Stefie and Shaye wait for cake!
Stefie is creative and great at
this party-decorating-thing!

Sisters do wonderful things for each other and Stefie made a fantastic diaper cake for her preggie sister that had the theme of Coraline, which is Heather's favorite movie!

Food went fast!

Stefanie and Brice were awesome with doing their own part to make the shower a success. Actually, lots of people contributed their time, money and effort toward making the shower a grand slam! 
Brice is such a sweet helper and a good man. Glad my daughter
is dating such a fine young man.

My two girls bring joy to my heart and my son-in-law, Henry, is gigantic when standing next to Stefie. I love these three!

My three kiddos, my two daughters and my son-in-law, Henry.
I am a very blessed woman.
And my dad and Sgt. Dave's mom were at the shower. These grandparents sure are excited about this great-grandbaby that's on the way.

Coraline will be my dad's first great-grandbaby; he is very excited!


I love my family!


And we all play Baby Bingo!


The group of about 25 people attended the shower. It was the perfect size gathering, not as massive as it usually can get. This crowd was special...full of the ones we love and want to share such special moments with throughout our lives.

And I am thankful that I have good friends who are eager to celebrate with us for our most important family moments.

Good friends are precious and beautiful.


mary i said...

Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing. As for your last line, yes they are! They are also priceless...Your lurker fan from Alabama.

LindaG said...

What a wonderful party. Congratulations again to everyone! said...

mary i - you truly made me laugh aloud! I'm a lurker as well! My dad has a house in Alabama, so he travels between his house here in Texas and his house in Alabama. He loves both places. My iPhone no longer takes pictures since the night of Heather's first baby shower in Houston. I am experiencing SERIOUS withdrawals! I need to get a new phone soon! I guess I will turn in my Iphone-4 for an I-5. Augh.

LindaG - Thank you -- we are so excited about becoming grand-parents. It's such a wonderful time. Of course, I always feel exhausted. But, being on our land makes us feel as if we are already on vacation during our time off together. Early this morning, in a safe zone, we practiced shooting from our deck. Who can wake up to such fun?