Monday, July 15, 2013

# 458 - RV Decking Under Construction - Day 2

The decking project for the RV is coming together. Tonight, the decking was far enough along for us to put the picnic table on the deck, and we sat outside and enjoyed dinner.

This was a momentous occasion since we moved to our land almost two months ago. Essentially, we are still "living in between" and even though we are no longer living in our house in the Greater Houston area while trying to make the two hour trip, one-way, to the acreage to do work on it...we now are living on the land, but not in house...we have temporary residency in our nice RV as we prep the land and get things in order to begin construction on a house that will most likely be the last house we own as a main residence.

Living in between is a state of life we are enjoying. The RV is rather comfortable and the adventures with living in the midst of nature and a forest is always filled with fun and beauty.

I should have had them begin constructing the
cabin! I think that might be our next project!
I can see that this deck will be one of my favorite places to hang out during the day. I'll finally have a "front porch" with a view, but high up enough off the ground to get away from the majority of creepy-crawlers.
Sgt. Dave and his father working together to build the deck.
We will be putting lattice board around the bottom of the deck and around the topside of the deck. I am thrilled to be planning a beautiful garden to skirt the bottom of the deck. Whether we are in the RV for another six months or for a year, the area around us will be cared for, cultivated, and it will even have beauty.
So you know I was a happy woman when my husband took me to Lowe's today to buy a few plants. He purchased a Nectarine Fruit Tree for the property and two Azalea shrubs for me to plant. I have seeds for flowering plants and am eager to get those in the ground.


There is no doubt that our life in the RV will be comfortable as we are taking time to build our house the right way.

Living on several acres gives you an incredible amount of work to do, but you can only tackle a limited amount of tasks in a given day. However, being dedicated, job by job, it begins to come together.

I am so glad that our time in the RV is being made enjoyable. The deck is not set into the ground, so it will eventually be moved. In fact, it might end up as our back patio area off the mud room. We shall see.

My father-in-law hand cut the risers for the steps.
Very impressive. And the awning was raised a few feet.
I will have two sets of steps to walk up onto deck.

The thing about living on a lot of land is that the possibilities are too numerous to consider! And this week, I will be on Cloud Nine as I work in a defined area that will be designated as my own ornamental garden, perhaps with a few herbs thrown in for practical purposes. As my grandmother always told me, "No matter WHERE you live, it should be as nice as you can make it because it is your HOME."

This is home, for now, and flowers are required!


mary i said...

My mother always said that we can bloom where we are planted.I always plant Zinnias and sunflowers in her memory,no matter where I may be.

LindaG said...

Oh, congratulations, Lana! Everything is coming together for you all. :-)
Hubby only built steps for our trailer -- which became steps for the door to nowhere (the utility room has a doorway that hubby doesn't ever remember having steps. How strange).

Have a blessed week!

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Love seeing how you all come together to create something beautiful! Hope you can all enjoy the deck that your FIL helped with! It looks like it is built to last a very long time! How are your chickens doing with all the freedom and yummy grubs?

Karen said...

Lana, so happy for you seeing the new deck come together. This is going to be wonderful. Your father-in-law is one handy man to have around. I know what you mean about having a lot of work to do when you own acreage, believe me, I do. I wish I could get more accomplished every day, but there's never enough time. But everything that gets crossed off the list, no matter how small, is still an accomplishment. And I have the same wardrobe as you, old clothes, gloves and a ponytail complete with hat and knee pads. (I guess I look way more dorky than you do. LOL) said...

mary i - your mother was a wise woman. That is so true. I always plant things in honor of people who I love. My mom gets a Magnolia tree. Thankfully, my husband found a wild Magnolia growing out here and we will be planting it somewhere special so it won't be accidentally mowed down.

Linda - my husband and his dad worked for three days to get the deck built. I will take photos tomorrow when it is sunny. I LOVE that deck! We were using cinderblocks and it was SCARY! And having a house with history is such fun --- you guys have done SO MUCH out there!

The Kelly's Adventures in KY - I do think this deck will probably outlive all of us! And the chickens are doing great. One of them had heat exhaustion the other day, but pulled through. We were having 100 degree days. This week has been better because of the rain. So much cooler!

Karen - you are right...each small task crossed off is indeed an accomplishment! And I look incredibly dorky. My hair is permanently in a state of frizz!