Friday, July 12, 2013

# 456 - Family & Friends

Family and Friends mean the world to me.

Marilyn, Me and Lisa

Marilyn, me in the middle and Lisa in Blue top.
Great women of strength and joy.

Catching a self-portrait with my oldest daughter,
Heather, in the background giving me the same
look I would see when she was three years old; she
is a doll. Then, Heather's cousin, Joshua from Oregon,
and Stefie passing by with the sun radiating off her
golden head.

Sgt. Dave taking time with Heather, before he
does ANYTHING ELSE, to lay his hand on the belly
that holds his first grandbaby girl --- to be
named, "Coraline."

This is one of my favorites of my youngest daughter,
Stefie. Brice, her boyfriend, is pretty cute as well.
Here, they're ready to hit H-Town (which is Houston).

Stefie goes to see her great-grandmother she calls, "GG." They
have a great visit, but it's never long enough. I know she wants to
get back for another visit, as soon as possible. She has a wonderful
great-grandmother --- beautiful too. And I sure love MY grandma!
These are just a few peek shots of Stefie's graduation pictures.
She graduates in less than a month...on August 9th! She is so young,
but she stayed on track to get her four-year degree.
In June, Heather and Henry went to the U.S.
Virgin Islands for a "Babymoon" and they
got a few great pictures while there.
Heather, even pregnant, is a stunning sight
of elegant beauty.
Beachtime for the couple-to-be. Heather and Henry both look so
wonderful in these photos. Heather is radiant and Henry is more
handsome than ever! I love the photos, even if the advertisement
watermark is a bit large & intrusive upon the subjects of the shot. But,
These are preview photos that Heather is sharing.
One of my favorite pictures of these two because of their smiles!
They are getting to do something they LOVE --- explore culinary
delights while traveling! These two should be food writers!

My brother, my dad and one of my nephews ---- I sure do
love these three guys!
My sister Robin, the backside of her husband, Warren, my nephew, Nathan
and Shaye the little squirt --- all having a ball!
My sister and her family are more under control
in this great picture.
This brother and sister, Nathan and Shaye, are such good
kids that it makes a heart warm further to see their adorable smiles!
And that's what I have this morning...some of my family. I'm thinking about how much I love and appreciate everyone. And there are MANY more, but this is just a start to my day.
And how did your day start off?


Karen said...

Hi Lana, It's been tooooo long! Loved seeing all the photos of your family and friends. I don't have many family members left, so I know how precious these people are.

I've been reading all the posts I missed, oh, girl, you are a true pioneer! I read each post to Carl and he is amazed, too. The dogs and the chickens look so happy, being in the country is the only life for me, too.

I'm also sorry to hear of your nephew's tragic death. My sympathy to you all.

LindaG said...

Glad to see such a wonderful post with such great pictures, Lana.
*hugs* Have a blessed weekend. ♥

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wonderful photos of all the beautiful ladies. Have a great weekend.