Wednesday, August 14, 2013

# 462 - Toad Road?

Oops, missed post #462, so here it is. I'm making it quick...including photos of the visit my niece had with us in the country, last week.

Here is part of our private road on our property. It's rustic. However, Shaye was fairly excited that we had a "street" of our own. I suppose we need to name it...perhaps Toad Road?

Well, I always see frogs on it. For real.

In the photo below, Shaye is chilling out inside the RV on a 100 degree. She loves the tablet that her parents bought for her birthday that is coming up at the end of August. I bought her the new pink, sparkling ear-buds for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. Best dollar I've spent in a LONG time!
It's hard work being an aunt.
Being Shaye's aunt is one of my most favorite roles in life!
Shopping with my wild child. Of course, you can tell that I am either an Aunt or a Grandmother. Well, I'd love to give the stories of when people think she's my child, but when she is on a sugar high, I'm eager to point out that I'm the Aunt. Lol.
She tried on a selection of hats and choose this one below, which we actually decorated with chicken feathers. Seriously. It looked pretty awesome once we were finished, but I didn't get a photo. We used the soft downy white fuzzy feathers tucked along the rim of the hat with a few long yellow feathers alongside the hat.
Of course, I am her favorite aunt because I have mastered the art of bribery, which includes a $5 bill for her to spend at the dollar store on things I would have purchased for her anyway. Her getting to hold the five dollars helps her to control spending and to have a sense of budget...with my five dollars. But, it works!
To top it off, she gets fudge ice-cream. However, she can't get inside the Cowboy Cadillac (Dodge Truck) until she eats it. In the Texas summer heat, it is a difficult feat to get the ice-cream into the tummy before it melts off the stick.
But, she tried.
And it feels pretty darn good that I can still out-last a six year old.
Dollar Tree is a life-saver! With all her new goodies, which included a bag of five wrist-glow-sticks, one for each night here, she is kept busy.
 The End...for now.


Mike said...

How about Shaye's Way for the road? You know she'd love it!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Your Niece is a cute kid, I think the farm is the best place for a child on summer vacation. Always something new to look for and many adventures to look forward to.

Karen said...

Shaye is so darn cute, and very accurate with that gun, too! Wow, I was amazed when she hit the can the first time on the video.

Just read through the posts I've missed, it's like reading a good book. Congratulations to Stefie on her graduation. The baby shower looked phenomenal and so does the lovely mother-to-be!

I haven't had any snakes in the chicken coop yet, ewwww, that would make me nervous even though most of the snakes around here are relatively harmless as far as venom goes.

And may I say, country living seems to agree with you, Lona, you're looking even more beautiful!