Saturday, August 17, 2013

# 465 - Pet for Half a Day

Going for a walk on our acreage means a treasure-hunt is included. To tell the truth, we don't even have to look for the unusual or the curious because it usually crosses our path.

This little dude was moving along the ground and he got selected to be the pet for half a day.

Sgt. Dave was generous enough to volunteer to capture the creepy-crawler between his fingers and to carry it all the way to the home-site for me to put into the examination jar. I am thinking this is a cricket of some sort.

The colors on this guys body stand out...reds, yellows, black and the design is intricate. How can I not stare at it?

Very quickly we let the beauty go into the edge of the forest.

Living the city does not offer such opportunities as does a walk through the country to see nature first-hand. And being in the country seems to put me closer to God, to see His handiwork more often, and very up close.

I love exploring nature, as long as it does not include a slithering creature with fangs.


mary i said...

oh my! What you had is called a "Grandfather grasshopper" here in Alabama. They have different names for them in Florida lubbers or something like that. You can google it if you want.While I also have great respect for ALL Gods creatures great and small,you Do Not want that fellow near your flowers or garden! They can and will eat every thing to a nub. I have seen them strip plants overnight. Just letting you know. Yes I agree he is a handsome fellow.

Amy Dingmann said...

Handsome bug! We don't have anything that fancy in Minnesota, at least not that I've seen. Neat that you got to spend some time with him. :)

LindaG said...

I was thinking a grasshopper of some sort.
Not seen grasshoppers swarm, but I know they can.
I would not like to see one that big.
Hubby probably would have taken it fishing. ;-)

Happy Sunday to you all! ♥