Monday, August 12, 2013

# 463 - She Made It!

This afternoon, Friday the 9th, my youngest daughter, Stefie, graduated from college. She's only 22 years old and has accomplished a great deal, in spite of major obstacles and personal hardships. She's a fiercely determined young woman who tackled her studies with precision.

So, she's graduating at 22 years of age and this month she will also be starting classes for her Master's degree studies.

Stefie is purposefully driven and focused to build the life she longs to enjoy. I know she will get there. Good thing she's also enjoying the journey toward bigger and better things!

From the day I held her for the first time, I knew this child would bring more beauty and blessings into our lives.

And she has. This girl has been a joy to raise --- she has a loving heart, is sweet, and thoughtful. Plus, the way she decorated her graduation cap brought a chuckle to all of us, and the unique cap helped us to keep her in view during the graduation ceremony.

I'm Proud of My B.S.
After the graduation ceremony, she followed through with the tradition of dunking her ring, attached to the grad, into the San Marcos River that flows straight through the campus of Texas State University. We were cheering her on as she lowered with a splash into the river!

She will go far. Already, she's learning about success. Getting through four-year of college with honor grades is something to be considered a success. Starting her Master's studies at 22 years of age is something to be proud of, but she is simply happy to be working toward the day she'll be able to be a Child Life Specialist --- her dream job because it will allow her to help children in unique ways.

Brice and Stefie enjoying a moment of happiness together!

I know one thing more...she will be great at what every she chooses to do. That child of mine is amazing and I thank the Lord for letting us be her parents. I am blessed


Congratulations to my baby for her big day at the university --- earning the walk across the stage to be handed her degree.

And guess what she got from us for her graduation present? A .45 FNP, which she has already shot and four bullet holes go through a hole she's already shot out. She's the only one who has shot that gun, she loves it and handles it beautifully, so it's hers.

That gal is pure Texas.


mary i said...

Big Texas Hi-Five on this major life event!!! While I love this post,Please do not minimize yourself."The apple does not fall from the tree" She is who she is because of the good people that raised her.

John Gray said...

A delightful post
All rather heartwarming
I loved it

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to her and the proud Momma and Poppa! p.s. Your hair looks great * Bobbie