Saturday, August 24, 2013

# 468 - Hiking Treasures

Going on a hike through our woods is always interesting. A couple of days ago, Sgt. Dave and I walked through densely forested woods in which he'd cleared out a new path and wanted to show me his handiwork. Of course, he knows that I LOVE going on walks; I will never pass up a chance to go for a walk or hike.

Each hike through our acreage feels as if I am on a treasure hunt, and I am never disappointed.

This time around, my husband takes me to tree limbs that have beautiful, ornate clusters of berries in brilliant colors.

Never before have I seen these kind of berries. He broke off a couple of limbs for me to take back to document via photography for research. And he is sweet about it, knowing that such moments, for me, feels better than being given a store-bought gift.

These berries are beautiful. If they there were safe to eat, I would have popped one in my mouth for a taste. Of course, I'm prone to educating myself on whether or not the berry is poisonous before the popping begins.

Yes, we all know that the last couple of weeks included me falling on the deck steps to badly hurt my hip/back and after a ricocheted .38 bullet hitting me in the hand a few days ago, my middle name must be "extra-cautious." Ha Ha.

No tasting, I thought I'd give my Guardian Angel a much needed break.

On this hike, my husband took me to these berry-producing trees, knowing I would fall in love with them. Both of us value the natural treasures on our land and want to know more about them.

During our recent hike, I also found another deer jaw-bone along a well-traveled animal trail. It makes me wonder what kind of animal could be killing deer along this trail deep in the forest? It's too dense for hunters and clearly runs through our private property, but the heavily tread animal trail indicates the area is a favorite among wild-life. So, in this area, it appears there is a predator large enough to take out deer.

Supposedly, there are black panthers out here, which I would not doubt because of the eco-system providing a wonderful natural habitat.

As for the jaw-bone, I have no idea about the age of the deer, but would love to know, if anyone can tell by the teeth?

The other day, Sgt. Dave also found this bottle in the dirt. Is it old or new? What kind is it? I took a photo of it next to an egg for perspective.

Between animal bones, snakes and potential predatory animals, we always carry adequate weapons on our person. We also enforce high-tech and primitive surveillance methods which need to include this wild-life trail. Taking measures to detect motion and activity throughout the acreage is something many people are doing these days. It's rather easy with the technology of today.

Living with a man who has served in the military on a special forces team will create such a lifestyle. Those of you who have lived on military installations will understand the mindset of most military peeps - you can take the man out of the military, but the military can never be taken out of the man, or woman.

It's fine by me. Living with such a fellow for nearly 30 years of marriage will teach you a LOT.

Regardless, wildlife roams the land; it is their home too, so I am considering making some kind of forest-find chandelier or wind-chime with all the animal bones collected from our acreage. Kind of creepy; however, it's part of living in a natural setting that's been undisturbed for...a very long time.

As long as I don't find a human skull, I'm A-Okay.


Tombstone Livestock said...

The brown bottle looks like a livestock meds bottle, the kind that has a rubber flange with a metal cap to draw meds out with a needle. I have one here that is 4 inches tall, only mark on the bottle itself is a 21 on the bottom and it is underlined. My bottle has Vitamin A & D for animals. My bottle is new.

I wouldn't eat the berries until you are positive what they are, don't eat even if you see birds of animals eat them until you know what they are. said...

Tombstone Livestock - you are awesome! That would make sense, since this is a rural area. I am steering clear of berry eating, but they are beautiful. I will check the raised writing on the bottle again. I've been thinking of you every since you lost your little buddy. Hoping you are doing okay, glad to hear from you!


Mike said...

I've only seen Black Panthers in an urban setting, never in the wild. Not to worry, you may be able to talk, or bribe yourself out of any danger, if you run across one.

Keep packing, though.

Michelle said...

The berries are beautiful, but I am with Tombstone...don't eat them!

LindaG said...

We have them here, but I don't know what they are, either.
Perhaps the deer died of natural causes?

Set up a game cam and see what you see. ;-)

I missed the post about shooting yourself?
Please be careful. ♥

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures of the berries! Love going on these hikes and adventures with your throughout your land.