Saturday, January 7, 2012

# 168 - I'm Packing it All Up!

Okay, I woke this morning to a beautiful day and I am thrilled to be packing boxes so that we can GET OUT OF THIS TOWN!

Don't get me wrong, I've loved this house, and I've loved our neighbors (most of them), and I've loved the city conveniences that we've encountered; however, I'm READY TO GET OUT OF DODGE!

The wait for Deputy Dave and I to be able to move to the country has been painstakingly long...years upon years of being patient and having to put it off for yet one more year. Then, as our children have grown into young adults, we parents have realized that it's time for us to start living the life we want. It's OUR turn!

Deputy Dave and I have FINALLY grown up ourselves!!! We are the ones who get to do what we want to do.

The two of us can't wait to get away from refinery-land. We're so tired of having putrid smells filling our nose as we try to talk ourselves out of the nausea that follows. We're ready for some fresh country air. The two of us are also tired of looking at an industrialized landscape --- it's for a great purpose, but we're sick of it being our main view once we exit our front door and go around the corner.

We're trading all those rusting smoke stacks and endless rows of holding tanks for trees, horses, country houses and pine cones.

I've been so thankful for all I've been given in this life, but I'm ready for a big change. And I woke up this morning feeling palpable change in the air and it began to seep into my bones; I felt unbelievable happiness.

Now, at 43 years of age, I've learned to stay on an even level with my emotions. Well, on most days. I've learned to not get too unhappy, to not get too overly happy, but to just stay in the middle because I don't like emotional roller coasters, but today, I've let myself feel every bit of happiness that has washed over me this morning at the thought of us making actual headway to moving and I ain't feelin guilty bout one bit of it!!!!

I'm thrilled!!! I'm packing!!!!

Last night, Deputy Dave took me to dinner. Mexican food. Delicious. On our way out, we ran into one of my long-time friends from my childhood...another one who has been stuck in this refinery town her whole life. She works as a labor and delivery nurse at a main hospital in Houston's Medical Center. But, she's a true city gal...has her nails done every week along with every other beauty treatment available; she is a polished gem. She stopped and we talked at the entrance of the restaurant. She told me that she'd seen something on Facebook about us packing and moving to the country.

And in all of my excitement, I began to tell her how we are heading out to our acreage and that I'll be able to raise MORE chickens, some goats and, and, and, and she looked horrified and told me, "You never liked chickens when we were growing up. What happened?"

I guess life happened.

Things changed.

People change.

I changed.

Then, I informed her that we already had chickens, in our backyard and I LOVE my chickens. We eat fresh eggs everyday --- well, we CAN eat fresh eggs every day, if we wanted. And I told her that we'd invite them to our country place once we get settled and I said, "You'll LOVE it too!"

She raised an eyebrow and said, "I don't do country."

I only felt sorry for her. That is so sad. How can a person "...not DO country?"

Hmmm...I don't get it. Even when I was in my full city-gal mode, I still craved time away with nature surrounding me. How can a person not totally embrace nature? Even if it is only for a weekend? Don't people realize that all of the shiny surfaces produced by man-kind simply get old, faded, broken and outdated?

Oh well. Deputy Dave and I will be together in the woods soon enough, and I almost feel like we're dating if our kids are raised and he has his wife back and I have my husband back. Is this part of being an empty-nester? We've already been through the horrible adjustment part of being an empty nester and if this is the next stage, I'm liking it, a lot. Pastor Ed Young in Houston always has dreamy things to say about being an empty nester...I'm finally catching on to his drift.

And knowing that we're actually making a brave move to touch our dreams, to grab our dreams, and to LIVE our dreams...then I am even happier that I've been blessed to be married to a man with whom we can share awesome dreams of all things country.

And no more small backyard limitations.
Finally, we will be able to have a GARDEN!
After 25 years of marriage, I feel as if we're just getting started. It's as if the REALLY GOOD things are just around the corner. And yes, I know something terrible could be lurking, but we've already been down a few of those roads with disasters slithering our direction...we've experienced catastrophic illness, death and hardships beyond our years, but we made it through it all. We're here to celebrate our longevity together and in creating a new life together.

As for marriage, we will still be renewing our wedding vows on our land, but we have some work to do out there first. It won't be too long.

This morning, at Denny's, my hubby wins me a stuffed animal!
Just like old times...when we were kids.

And we will be raising these cute little piggies on our land.
But, they won't be riding in the truck with us, they'll be on our table.
It is amazing. I feel like this when I'm out in the country, but to wake up feeling this way because I'm simply getting closer to being moved out there permanently is a blessing. If the country brings us more peace, more enthusiasm for the outdoors, more beauty in our lives and more things of simple joy, then I say, bring on the country ASAP. I'll continue pre-packing and preparing the house to get it sold.

Deputy Dave and I are moving and grooving. He is constantly busting his rear every day as well to do things in the house so we can be proper sellers of a nice, presentable home. I'm doing my part to make the prospective buyer feel as if they can live as "perfectly" in this house as it will be during the showings...that's part of selling a home..sell the inspiration of organized closets and the impossibility of the absence of a junk drawer...sell the American Dream!

As a former real estate broker, I'd tell my clients with frankness, "You don't LIVE as you sell." If you want top dollar and a fast market time, then you make your place dreamy. People don't want to buy a nightmare and they don't want to buy more problems, they want to step into a dream. I'll work on giving our buyers a good start with this house. For the family with the husband who works around the corner at Dow or Shell, this house would be a dream. It's all about perspective.

But, for now, I am giddy with reality hitting me on the will be a matter of WEEKS and we will no longer be living in the city. I share my joy with you! I hope you can absorb some of my pure happiness and excitement at this upcoming different phase in our lives.

A part of me is scared to death, but I keep walking toward our goal of getting settled on our land. Even though I won't even have a house for a while...I'm ready to move and to be patient in getting our cabin built. One day at a time is my motto right day at a time and at least 4-5 boxes to be packed each day to make things less painful over the long haul.

God be with us...I feel the joy He is giving as He helps us to follow our hearts, and I am blessed to have a husband who steps out in faith with me to live in the country. Of course, he's been a country boy all along, so I guess I've been slow to catch up to him, but I'm doing it with enthusiasm from out of this world.

City life...your funky smell will slowly start to fade from our lives, but the country starlight is waiting and burning as bright as ever.


A Primitive Homestead said...

Country is not for some but that leaves more open space for us country loving folk. I am guessing you may not have close by neighbors? I grew up that way & have had to adjust to neighbors on all sides but one. I miss the privacy & roaming about the mountains. It's good to really be happy. Keep that smile on your face & the excitement rolling. Blessings!

Mike said...

Dodge? I thought you were in Houston. :P

There's always that anxious excitement pending a move. The lists. The packing. The mental thoughts always clouding the mind.

Your excitement reminds me of a movie. 'The Wilderness Family.' A city family decides to move into the mountains. As they're leaving, the father yells, 'we're getting out of here!!'. It's a G-rated, family movie for sure. Not one of the great classics.

Anyway, If you need any help lifting something drop me a line. I'll send you a cyber-hand.

Melodie said...

I had to laugh at your fried! I have a childhood friend that is just the same! I can understand your excitement about packing,I would be the same way..what am I saying, I have been just that way when we lived in the city!

Dreaming said...

My son lives in San Francisco. He loves city life. It's not for me, though. I like going to visit, but would tire of the humanity very quickly! Give me that countryside!

LindaG said...

Hubby admitted to me last night that it's a bit of a scary proposition for him, too, this retirement thing.

You know I wish you all the best, but you will do fantastic I am certain. ♥

Suzanna said...

yay! I'm so excited for you! :) have fun organizing and getting things ready to sell!