Sunday, January 22, 2012

# 181 - Snazzy House and Ucky Socks

A quick post to let everyone know that we're busy doing all of the things a house needs but that you tend to ignore until it's time to sell the dog-gone thing.

And Howdy has definitely done his destructive share to cause issues with the house, but these window sills were partially eaten by my oldest daughter's (Heather's) dog, Tux. He's a fantastic Aussie and one of the greatest doggie loves of my life! He must be a sweetheart to get by with chewing up the window sills for a snack.

Tux grew up and out of chewing up the house, Thank God.

But, Howdy might be proud to take responsibility for such a brave act of a rebel dog.

Of course, Howdy has learned that he likes living INSIDE this house, so he decided long ago to quit acting upon any destructive tendencies. That said, even though we have a baby gate in front of the glass door, he's not even attempted to jump on the door. I think he has nightmares of his last incident of going through the glass...

Deputy Dave is replacing dog-chewed wood and weathered wood, he's cutting wood, sanding wood, caulking wood, painting wood...if a wood chuck could chuck wood, would a wood chuck...

This house is looking snazzy. Yep, snazzy.

Today, as Deputy Dave is painting the exterior of the house, I am painting the most exciting room in the house...The Laundry Room! I figured it is an important room, usually to the woman of the house if I may take the liberty to sound downright sexist. I think statistics would probably back me up on that presumption.

So, the laundry room might as well look as snazzy as the rest of the house...I'm just thinking of all of my fellow women out there who will be toiling over other people's dirty socks for the otherwise many happy years of living in this beautiful home. I give them a freshly painted, welcoming, white-glossy baseboard laundry room with a CLEAN WINDOW!

This house has seen many happy times. Boy, it's seen some tough times...more than I can digest at this moment, but the beautiful moments have surpassed any sour happening. Our life has taken an interesting turn during our time in this house because we made the decision and commitment to get out of the city and into the country. So, I am showing this house the love that it has enabled us to hold within its walls for the years we've been here, my personal elbow-grease has been going into this effort ten-fold.

It's coming together.

It's been fun here in the city, but I think that our country way of life will introduce us to a very different, deeper meaning of the word "fun." Hang on to your hat folks, we're rockin-and-rollin!


Tombstone Livestock said...

that sofa tells it all about the type of socks I buy .......... all white, all same brand, all alike, no problem finding a matching pair, lol, and when one wears out there is still another one that will match the good one.

Dreaming said...

I love the socks! That is one of my least favorite chores. I used to have some plastic clips to hold a pair of socks together for the wash. They were as much of a pain as matching them afterwards. What I love is how once sock can disappear.... how do they do that?
Our first house didn't have window sills until we made them. Deputy Dave's work looks strangely familiar!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Isn't it funny how we will get all those things we lived with fixed before we put it up for sale? LOL

Oh the best to you both as you repair and put it up for sale, before you begin your new life...have fun.

Thanks for the comment on my blog post today. They are seeing a infertility specialist in Austin, so they drive from Denton to Austin for those appointments. What your daughter does is sister has her PHD in biology and teaches at encouraging to hear your daughter's reports.
Thanks for the daughter-in-law will be reading.

LindaG said...

That is a lot of socks.

Wish I knew as much about home repair as some of the blogs I read.

Have a great week!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, good for you!!! years ago, i fought my way out of Dallas, back to country life. yay!

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about mike's win! really appreciate it!

wish you all the luck in the world about making your dreams a reality!!!

Alicia said...


Alicia --- Tu hija es muy inteligente. Tango dos hijas. Me primera hija es biologist. (My first daughter is a biologist). As for your daughter, you must be a very proud mother!