Tuesday, January 24, 2012

# 182 - Purple Surprise

Last month, after making our trip from our city home to our acreage for a few days of camping, we experienced difficulties maneuvering heavy equipment around the land because of recent downpours.

The ground had become a winter mush. And one evening, we drove the Dodge truck off the property, slip-sliding our way down our private road and out to the main road so that we could get something to eat in town.

Once we made our way back onto our land by nightfall, we parked on our rural road and I stepped out of the truck...right into a big mud hole and my slick-bottom Ked tennis shoes took me on a mud skiing trip. Unfortunately, as I was playing in the mud in pitch darkness, I dropped everything in my right hand...which included my camera.

Of course, I cleaned it off the best I could. Even spit-shined it. Heck, I was in the country!

But, the next day, a batch of photos suddenly took on this appearance.

The aliens have arrived.

The trees appear as if they are melting beneath some kind of purple acid. And my self-portrait turned out to be, what I consider, ultra-cool.

I look groovy.

And wouldn't you know what happened next? I took the camera over to Deputy Dave and said, "This camera must have been damaged in that fall last night because it will only take funky pictures, all in purple."

He grabbed the camera from me, aimed it for the trees in front of him and took a picture. He held up the camera and showed me the screen with the photo...then he gave me this weird expression as if I had been talking jibberish.

He said, "Doesn't look purple to me."

I stand here squinting my eyes at him as if I'm Clint Eastwood, "Well partner, I'll telling you that the last few pictures were purple."

He walks away,

That night, in the tent, I was vinidcated. Thank God that when I uploaded the photos from the camera to the laptop, it loaded those weird shots and I got to prove it to him.








Mike said...

Wonder how the purple haze happened? Jimi Hendrix stopped by.

Tracie said...

Refreshing site! The purple is a mystery...


LindaG said...

Happens to me the same way, Lana.
Things that break for me, wouldn't dare not work for my hubby.

Have a great day! :-)

Norma2 said...

Bellas imágenes.
Saludos desde Argentina

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Well, jeez, people would probably pay big bucks for a camera capable of taking pictures that look like that!

Charade said...

Lovin' the snap of you. You look like Stockard Channing on LSD!

aHunkaHunkaBurningLove said...

I banged mine one day and it took pictures with a giant black line through the midle. I was really bummed but the next day it was gone. Must be some type of automatic correction in them, said...

Mike --- if only I could play guitar like Hendrix. Ha!

Tracie --- yep, you never know what you're gonna get over here, including me.

Linda --- isn't that how it ALWAYS works? It fudges up with us, then acts like a beauty in front of the hubby. I think we get the first signs of things going wrong because we're more sensitive to our surroundings...sound, the road, subtle changes...we pick up on them first. And that's how it works. :-)

Norma2 --- No conozco, pero, esta es Espanol o Italiano/Italian? Me gusta el photos tambien. Muchas gracias por tu visitan. Me espanol es mal. :-) Me hija es estudian Italian.

Susan --- you are probably right! It's on the "funky camera" aisle. It's weird for sure that it just started to do it by itself.

Charade --- I've never heard of anyone even tell me that I look like Stockard Channing without the LSD effects, but I was laughing cause I've always loved her. If only I could carry her interesting looks, but they'd come with the Southern drawl. Maybe I should really start putting on the purple!

aHunkaHunkaBurningLove --- I sure wish our bodies had some kind of internal program that put us back to working order!! Sometimes, technology can be pretty awesome.