Monday, January 30, 2012

# 187 - Workshop Hunt Continues

This structure appealed to me. I took a closer look because we are checking out every option to build for a workshop-storage building on the property.

I loved this little cabin - workshop, but the doors really stood out to me. Gotta love that barn door variation.

Now, these doors seemed to remind me of a European design. I'm not sure, but I'd love to know. Could it be that these doors are more likely to be seen on horse stalls?

This building is nice to look at, so it'd be appealing to have on the land. I told Deputy Dave that any construction project must first be approved by the architectural committee for our acreage...that committee consists of me and Deputy Dave. I have 51% of the vote because I am female and can picture it all in my mind beforehand. Deputy Dave trusts me on this matter.

Taking a closer look, it is clear that this structure is actually made for stables. We do not yet need stables, we first need a workshop. The stable structure poles would definitely interfere with our workshop layout. So, this particular building is out of the running as our first item to construct on our property. However, when the time comes for us to stable some animals, this structure might very well be back on the table for consideration.

Looking at all of our options is fun; hunting for the workshop that will be just right is important. I find this part of the process to be the most exciting. Well, I am sure that once we are in the middle of construction that I'll again say that this is the most exciting part of the process. Be prepared for lots of enthusiasm as we get moved to our acreage. 

I guess that's my personality. It's full of exuberance for this GREAT MOVE TO THE COUNTRY!

Okay, I'm taking deep breaths and working to slow my pulse down. Yes, I'm a tiny bit thrilled.


Patrice said...

I love the wood colored one with the stars on the shutters.

Rae said...

You crack me up, especially the 51% ruling. Wish I could get my guy to go along with that (he does already, but not consciously... Lol).

I would love to have another pole barn on the property... Sigh... One day. Very jealous that you're going to get to decide everything from the beginning. So much fun!

Clint Baker said...

I love Chickens, I hope to get some one day!