Wednesday, January 25, 2012

# 183 - Painting Blahs

The winter season brings such a drab look to our landscape. We don't get pretty fresh white snow to blanket everything, we simply get the look that comes with most plants going dormant for the winter. All kinds of greenery fades and all shades of brown take over. That's the less-than-optimal part of selling your home in the winter months.

But, we're in Texas. Fortunately, the weather had been in the 70's for the past few days, so Deputy Dave began painting the exterior of the house. We are getting very close to putting our house on the market so that we can get moved out of here and moved onto our acreage in the woods. We are literally days within the sign going in the yard.

His system worked out very well. He used the wheelbarrow to tote around the 5 gallon bucket of paint with this paint system.

The passing years have been good to Deputy Dave because he's not necessarily become slower in his work, he's become much more thorough, he's better at taking time to address small details and his preparation efforts have become perfected. There are no more rush jobs; he's aiming for nothing less than quality work.

The day before he began painting the house, he spent five hours pressure-washing the entire house. This served to remove all dirt and debris so that he could apply a smooth coat of paint. The pressure-washing also helped removed loose, cracked paint.  

I think it will be great to build our cabin in the woods and to no longer have a two-story home that requires far-reaching efforts to keep it maintained. I don't mind having a few "high" ceilings, but two-story ceilings are not my cup of tea.

Big Mama is the supervisor over all activities, and she's clucking at Deputy Dave a warning to not mess up her territory...or else.

And in this picture, taken this weekend, you can see how fluffy and pretty the chickens look right now. They are big ladies and they sure are beautiful.

Between Deputy Dave's painting the exterior of the house and me constantly painting something or another inside the house, the smell of paint seems to be everywhere.

And I can say that I honesty detest painting laundry rooms...there are so many plugs, connections, cabinets, shelves, angles and I even have a window in much to paint AROUND...tedious, tedious, tedious...with baseboards to I will be celebrating today to be finished with that little room.

Next little room to paint will be our potty room in the master bathroom. It will be much easier to paint than the laundry room.

I sure hope that the buyer who purchases our house will appreciate all of these walls with their fresh coats of paint. And after the painting is finished, everything will go back in its place and the deep cleaning can begin while the pre-packing resumes.


LindaG said...

Good luck with all of that. :)

DFW said...

We are soon to be in the same boat as you (1-2 years). I love my house the way it is but someone else may want the trim finished. Thank you for posting.

siryoz0 said...

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