Wednesday, August 8, 2012

# 324 - Blogger Picture Quota Loophole!

First of all, I'd like to thank Kat at for being the latest official Follower for my blog! She makes the 100th person who has chosen to sign-up to follow this blog of an ordinary Texas woman who sometimes lives a strange kind of life. From the city to the country, I am comfortable. One week I may be in downtown Houston for an event of city glitz, then I am also happy to sit among my chickens and eagerly await the next fresh egg. I have many awesome readers who are not officially signed up, but I appreciate every single person who goes along with me in this new-age of social-media, which I refer to as "Reality Writing," also known as "Blogging."


Now onto my topic for the storage capacity limits for Bloggers.

If you get to the point where Blogger is advising that you cannot upload any more pictures from your files because you've reached your storage capacity and you must now purchase a storage plan, then this piece of information is for you.

Well! Let me tell you a few ways to get around the attempt to bill us for photo storage.

If you pay attention to my instructions, you can learn to put pictures into your blog without having to upload through Blogger and you won't have to worry about these pictures being stored by Blogger and their associates.

The below photo is one I scanned and uploaded onto Facebook for an "oldies" file I set up for the family to enjoy.

Getting Heather ready for a choir performance, I
believe...needless to say, she's not being very
cooperative. However, I loved these moments too!

It starts with knowing how to Cut and Paste, but WAIT, THERE'S MORE TO IT THAN SIMPLE CUT AND PASTE TECHNIQUES for it to work right in Blogger. However, I've figured it out and want to pass it along. Once you learn the steps, it will be easy for you to do as well.

First of all, to "copy" a photo, you place the cursor over the photo, then right click your mouse or laptop pad button and select "copy." However, if your photo program on your computer won't allow you to copy a photo directly from the program itself, then go to Microsoft Word or to some other program you use regularly in your computer program, open a blank document, and then simply choose the command in the program to "Insert" photos into the document. From there, you can "copy" the photo. You will be required to go through your photo files to select a photo to insert, but the search is similar to that of uploading from Blogger, only you are doing it from your own program on your computer. To begin with, I open a document to be specifically used for this purpose and I'll even name it, "Blogging Photos" and start inserting as many photos from your photo program as you'd like to use while blogging.

Open your Blogger account, start writing a new post. I usually hit enter several times to create hard spaces to make it easier to manuever around in the document if I've not yet started writing. Before pasting the photo, I will put the cursor about mid-way through the empty Blogger document or place the cursor in the position between the text I desire, THEN I right click and choose "paste" to get the photo through magical cyber space.

WAIT --- IMPORTANT DETAILS ARE STILL NEEDED. You are not finished because Blogger's program makes pasted photos harder to manipulate.

Stefie taking swimming lessons at about three years old, to include
learning to go off the diving board. She wasn't having such a great time
right here. As a mom, these moments BREAK YOUR HEART!

Okay, this is where you need to pay attention. You won't be able to manipulate the pasted photo until you put paste it into your Blogger document and then click on the photo which will cause the little pop-up photo menu-bar to appear. To be able to adjust the size of the photo, you must FIRST select "Original Size" and I know it will likely BLOW UP the photo, but don't freak out. This is just a necessary step to be able to resize the photo as you'd like. After you select ORIGINAL SIZE, you will THEN be ALLOWED by the program to adjust the photo down to your preferred size.

If you don't select "original size" first, then you probably won't be able to manipulate the photo size to your preference because it will be frozen as pasted. After selecting Original Size, I usually change it to Large or Medium size for my blog posting. Then, you can go to the regular editing toolbar and center the photo in the entry, if you wish.

Not to worry, Stefie is all smiles for the most part when in the water!
Now she's happy to jump off the board; she adored the cute
swim instructor who told her he'd LOVE to jump WITH her.

Even easier, I also can take photos from Facebook in the same manner; it's more direct. I scan through my Facebook photos or through those of a family or friend who gives me permission to use their photos and I place the cursor over the photo, right click and select "copy." Then, I go back to my Blogger document that I'm working on and paste the photo directly to the blogger post I am writing.

Pasting the photos in my stories for Blogger means I no longer have to worry about uploading problems through Blogger or worry about photo storage issues. As long as I can get that photo onto my computer in a method that allows me to "Copy" it, I can take it to my blog.

Like I said, I don't want Blogger and their associates uploading my photos via a search through my computer files for an upload and I REALLY DON'T WANT THEM storing my personal's not necessary and none of their business to do so. I'd rather cut and paste all day long. It's easier than uploading through Blogger anyway. I don't want to pay another entity to store something I already have, most likely, stored on my computer.

Heather and her beautiful hair that
was always her trademark. I think she
was in her Senior year of High School in this shot
I took of her in the front yard of our house.

I'm so happy to be finding ways around Blogger and its associates trying to find a way to charge us, especially when there are multiple blogging media out there to select from. There are ways to avoid it and I hope you will do the same once that uploading warning of being out of photo storage space comes your way with storage plans offered, different storage capacities have different fees. Forget it.

Cut and Paste and avoid storage fees! Keep photos on your own computer and out of third party hands! I wish I would've started out doing this with my first blog entry. Live and learn!


JD Lynn said...

Well me and my whopping 8 blog posts haven't come anywhere close to limits yet (*grins*) But I am going to copy your fantastic instructions out to a word document so I have them the next time I need to upload photos.

Besides Photobucket and I have a hate/hate relationship and if I can skip using that I'm a happy woman!

So glad to be a part of your blog!

Dreaming said...

I have gotten the nasty-gram about too many photos. I've gone in an delete a few oldies that I didn't
particularly care for. This information, however, is great news!

LindaG said...

Thanks, Lana. I've bookmarked this.

Part of the problem with new cameras now is that they take huge pictures unless you change the settings to take smaller pictures.

Great to know about the copy paste, thing, Lana. Thanks again!

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Wow, thanks! I missed this post somehow.

I can't believe I was #100. That's awesome!

Rebekah said...

Thank you so much for this lifesaver of a tip! :)