Thursday, August 23, 2012

# 329 - So Stinkin Cute!

Sometimes we catch our little creature in a moment that makes us pause for a few comments, such as, "You're SO stinkin cute!"

Catching Belle the Yorkie in one of these moments is such fun. She's a quick little gal and hard to catch for a good photo. I guess the bone in this shot forced her to be still for a moment.

A change in our household took place about three weeks ago...Belle went off to college with Stefie. She is living the college life now and apparently she is loving it! Stefie and her boyfriend, Brice, happily take Belle to the "little" doggie park several times per week and they have a ball while we're on the phone, telling me all about the Yorkie antics. Of course, I laugh so hard it hurts.

The good news is...I get to see Belle this evening because Stefie is coming into town for a weekend of celebrating. It is Stefie's 22nd birthday this Friday, August 24th!!! It's hard to believe that my baby is going to be 22. Didn't I just give birth to her a short time ago?
Anyway, this mom has planned a nice birthday party for her on Friday evening. We are going to have loads of great times with memories to last a life-time. Very special people will be attending and depending on your preference, you can have some tea or a jello shot.
Need I remind everyone that we're Texans?
As for me, I don't drink, but watch out when I am around jello shots. Those things are yummy and I can't taste the alcohol. Getting tipsy on jello shots is something that I accept with open arms...or open mouth.
Anyway, we're going to have great food, great company, and we don't let anyone stop us from having a good old-fashioned P-A-R-T-Y. I can't wait. I might even drag out that Karaoke Machine!


Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

I'm not a drinker either. I could do jello shots...real well. :o) Have fun!

LindaG said...

I never heard of jello shots, but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Lana!

And Happy Birthday to Stefie!

Michelle said...

I have had many a nights with jello shots when I was younger. OH, to be that young again. Wait a minute.Scratch that. I just remembered the next day!