Tuesday, August 28, 2012

# 332 - Puppy Love!

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend just got a new puppy! A Mini-Aussie that is only about two months old and has been named "THOR!"

This little puppy is absolutely precious. On Sunday morning, I pulled puppy duty and watched the little fluff-ball for a few hours and we had a ball. Thor immediately took to being comfortable around the chickens, which is great because he needs to be trained to not attack them from an early age.

I stood in the yard with Thor and my jaw dropped in amazement as the little puppy went into automatic herding-watching mode per his innate abilities.

He sat and kept a close eye on the chickens.

Even though Thor had the entire yard to his tiny self, he choose to stick to a position where he could keep watch over the chickens.

And the funny part was...the chickens knew he was there and they appeared to be influenced by Thor's presence.

Today, Stefie took him for another visit to the veterinarian who said the dog is on the small side and probably will not reach 20 pounds, but he has a hefty amount of spunk for such a little thing. He played vigorously with Howdy; they ran and ran in circles around the house, jumping over Liyla laying on the floor, as if she were a hurdle.

Howdy loved having the little guy for company and to match his high energy. However, they also shared a few moments of chilling out.

Thor's fur is so soft and fuzzy, just like Howdy's has been in his first year of life. Then, the fur begins to change to a coarse double-coat that is weather-hardy. But, I think an Aussie's coat of hair is beautiful, all the twists and turns and curls...beautiful and shiny. However, the cuddly puppy coat of fur adds to the mini-dog's adorableness!

It's a wonderful thing to have puppies! Thor is a welcomed addition to the family. Since Belle the Yorkie has moved away with Stefie and Brice, she now has a friend to keep her company. Belle had been in the dumps at times because she apparently missed being with Howdy and Liyla every day. Dogs do enjoy having a companion, just as people do.

Even though that puppy is pretty darn cute, my Howdy is fairly precious in his own right.



Michelle said...

so cute.

LindaG said...

Howdy is absolutely precious!
Thor is only cute. ;o)
But that is great to know that Aussies have an innate ability with chickens!

You all have a wonderful week! said...

Michelle - Thank you! I'm partial toward my Grand-pup already!

Lana said...

Linda - Thor is a little doll with sharp baby teeth! Unfortunately, not all aussies are good at herding without attacking, one of Howdy's mature offspring came for a visit and suddenly went after a chicken, Miss Speckles. Since then, Miss Speckles has flown the coop, somewhere, I don't know, but I did learn the an aussie that's not around chickens regularly should not be trusted. Howdy is very protective of the chickens, I always say, "Where are your Babies?" and he runs to the door to race outside to check on each one of them. But, I hope Thor will be accustomed to the chickens very soon and can earn his chicken-herding badge!


Danni said...

I love seeing pictures of Howdy, especially since that is Chanel's Dad. :) said...

Danni, I feel the same about Chanel! Howdy is the most amazing dog; in so many ways he is beyond any other dog I've loved. These dogs listen and want to make you happy by following commands. Their determination and allegiance is inspiring. Glad you are reading and I enjoy visiting your blog too.

One thing is for sure, we sure do love our dogs. I ought to do a post on my blog about Chanel. I'll talk with you about it!!