Friday, August 10, 2012

# 326 - I'm a Snake Wrestler!

I've been babysitting my niece for the past couple of weeks, until she starts first grade. We always have some kind of weird adventure, every day, even if we are at home.

Yesterday, I went to the foyer to find this slithering critter. What the heck? This is the SECOND snake we've found in our house over the past few months. If we've actually seen these two snakes, how many others are in here that we're not finding? SHUDDER.

For some reason, I'm not afraid of snakes. At least I'm not afraid until they try to touch me! This little guy was so small, but as I leaned down to take a closer look, it raised its head at a snake does in that creepy I'm-raising-my-snake-head-at-you manner.

Shaye stood off to the side several feet away, screaming, "SNAKE, SNAKE!"

I looked over at her and sarcastically replied, "Wow, I thought it was a pig!"

Then, she stopped screaming for a half second to give a laugh of hysteria. True hysteria. Then, she was back to screaming again.

I decided that I'd better get the snake out of the house so my niece would not be looking around every corner and under every piece of furniture for one version of Lord Voldemort. Heck, I'd be doing the same thing, the snake had to go!

As Shaye stood there dancing around, screeching and with hands at her face in horror, I decided to put her into action. I couldn't leave the snake because there are too many places it could hide. I hollered over Shaye's yelling, "Go unlock the backdoor for me!"

Lana, the Snake Wrestler...fierceless, brave and heroic...eager to
rescue her five-year old niece from this terrifying creature! Ha Ha

Shaye could hardly get her feet to work in the direction she wanted, but she finally got going and dashed to the backdoor to unlock the door for me.

Meanwhile, I grabbed the camera and took these shots. However, I had to hurry because the snake was wriggling away. I had to redirect it with the toe of my flip flop a few times so I could take a few pictures. Soon, I had to set the camera down and grab the dustpan next. The snake was feisty and would not stay in the dustpan. While dealing with the snake, I was also laughing so hard at the way Shaye was acting that I had to work hard to keep my laughing eyes fully open and on snake alert as I hurried to the backdoor.

I plopped the snake into the grass for the chickens to deal with in their own way. Sorry snake. Chicken #1 grabbed the snake in her beak and took off for the hills, well, we have no hills, but she took off at a good click only to find the snake was too heavy for her to handle.

PLOP! The snake fell into the grass as all the other hens raced in circles looking for the goodie that got away.

For a minute, I stood there with my hands on my hips saying, "Really? You SIX girls LET the snake snack get away from you? A total of twelve chicken eyeballs out here and the snake makes a clean escape?"

From that moment forward, I had an excited five-year old on my hands. She thinks my house is such an awesome place to be...dogs, chickens and snakes. What is next? Keep your eyes open!


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I don't have a problem with snakes, either... as long as they're OUTSIDE. Can't say that I'd be terribly excited to see one in my house, though. And don't be too hard on those poor chicks. They probably thought it was the biggest heaviest worm they ever saw.

LindaG said...

You are both crazy! ;o)
You are a lot braver than I am. I would have (and have!) yelled for hubby.
I am a wimp, but at least I know I am, haha!

You all have a wonderful weekend! :o) said...

Susan - I think the skin of the snake was so tough that it also create a protection for it to get away. The whole thing was kind of funny. As long as I'm not sitting down and look next to me to find it on the sofa or bed with me, I'm okay!

Limda - In my household, we save the Deputy from snakes as often as possible. He'll bravely confront just about anything, but none of us can be sure he'd be able to rescue us from a snake because he might be freaking out too much! And I bet you would've been able to do it. Heck, you tackled the furry on the mantlepiece!!!!


Texan said...

The day I find one let alone two snakes in my house is the day the for sale sign goes up! I can take any bug, critters, etc... but snakes I do not do!! We have tons of them here but they are outside! LOL

Mike said...

I believe the correct terminology is 'wrangler' but, who am I to pick? Not sure using a dustpan and your flip flop describles either title. Maybe wrestling, or 'rastlin', is right. After all, you had a screaming fan. said...

Texan - I'd prefer for them to stay outside as well! Howdy was again running to rescue us from the snake and just as he was about to snap it up in his jaw, I yelled at him to "get back" and he listened and watched me closely. I'm sure it was just a garden snake, but here in Texas, you never know, so I was careful. I've seen more snakes in the past few years than can be remembered with much comfort. However, I can say that I am ready to take them on by myself, good thing or I'd not have been comfortable in the house. I just hope we don't have a Mama snake in the attic having babies. Eeek!!!

Mike -- You busted me. I've never wrangled, wrestled or roped anything in my life! :-) I guess the dustpan and flip flop method was a sure-fire give away that I'm all WOMAN when it comes to these matters. I may not wrestle you, but I'll flip-flop/dustpan you straight to the chickens! My little screaming fan made me feel even more brave, I hope she sees her aunt handle these things and kknows that she'll be able to do the same, one day. I hope she'll be smarter than to keep redircting a snake with a foot in a flip flop.


Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

That's funny and scary at the same time. I am not a fan of snakes at all. And I live in the woods of Georgia - rattlesnake/copperhead heaven!