Monday, August 20, 2012

# 328 - What's in Your Noggin?

No need to stop when I am on a roll! I decided to go for another weekend to the beach to savor yet another mini-vacation, but this time there was a spin on it. Since I've been watching my niece for the past few weeks, I decided to take her with me for a night away and the two of us had a blast! After she went back home, I stayed at the beach a bit was worth every moment of peace that I could squeeze out of it!

We spent Thursday afternoon and evening on the beach and then at the pool.

With a boogie board in hand, that little five-year old tackled the waves with enthusiasm.

Just watching her laugh with gusto brought me unbelievable joy...the kind that reaches all the way down to your toes!

This little gal learned to watch for good waves and to hold onto her board when bubbling waves would hit. She'd ride it and squeal the kind of noises that can make everyone laugh along with her.

Sometimes, it's wonderful to simply be present in the HERE and NOW, to soak in whatever delight you can and to make it a good moment to remember.

For me, "living in between" has become much more than just being between country life and city life, it's about living in between so many other phases of life. Most of us are doing some sort of "living in between." I've learned that you have to make that "middle" part as wonderful as the beginning and just as filled with meaning as the end.

My "living in between" is full of purposeful good times, quiet moments, and the creation of rich memories that will stay with me for a lifetime. There are some aspects to life that we can't change; we can't change other people; there are certain circumstances that we can't alter, but we can take a moment to put the past behind us, to put the future in it's proper place because it's not even here yet, and we CAN focus on the here and now.

Each of us are partially responsible for what goes into our brain for storage...some things can't be kept out, but it's up to us to filter out all the bad that we can and to do our part to take in as much awesome life information as we can muster.

My little thinker is currently still full of salty air and the sound of waves mixed with the happy giggles of a five year old, that's good enough for me!


Vickie said...

I know y'all had and I'm sure Shae had a blast. Good memories for you both before school starts! said...

We did have a wonderful time. She's such a precious kiddo to me. It's lovely to have children in your life. I had such awesome great-aunts and great-uncles, my maternal grandmother was always so warm-hearted and lively to be around, I hope to pass some of this along to her.


Anonymous said...

I hear you healing from here...both your mind and your body.Beth

Karen said...

Lana, what a fun time that looked to be! Shae will remember this forever, I bet.

So good to hear from you, dear. I think of you often!