Thursday, May 2, 2013

# 432 - Shed Rejected by Alabama

Our house is beginning to look like a move is about to take place. Boxes are everywhere. I've packed well over 30 boxes of items to go into storage; I've packed boxes of garage sale items; I've packed boxes of clothes to be donated, and I've packed boxes of items that will be needed in our temporary housing, which will be an RV.

The cabin will take a few months to build, so I am temporarily saying good-bye to some beautiful, treasured things until they can again find a place in our new home.
As for storage sheds, my dad purchased a shed about three weeks ago to take to his second home in Alabama...hold onto your hats, this is one of my wacky family stories.
Yes, for you blog followers, my awesome, lovely dad who is the original energizer bunny, just sold his second home in Austin, Texas, and within weeks, he has SURPRISED the entire family by letting us know he purchased a house in Alabama.
And the regular readers know my dad has just begun his first round of chemo that is being delivered through a continuous pump attached to a port that's surgically implanted in his chest. It's serious. However, does this stop that nutty Southern man from anything? No.
To be honest, the family...well...the family that deals with dad at least every 48 hours was not thrilled about the Alabama house. So, in between his chemo treatments, he is driving to Alabama.
I know my dad. I believe the purchase of this house in Alabama was simply a good excuse for him to be able to drive his new Mustang long distances. He loves that car.
Yesterday, he stopped by to let me know he was headed to Alabama today. I believe he'll be back in Texas on Monday to make it to the oncologist for his next round of chemo.
Isn't that what everyone does when they find out they must fight cancer...Go buy a house two states over from your treatment zone?
I have to laugh at his antics so that he can live through the chemo and not meet an end through the use of my bare hands around his neck. Gotta love family.
So, the story about Alabama is that dad bought a nice storage shed, here in Texas, then got it loaded in the U-Haul to tote to Alabama to put next to his house, and he ended up with a big problem. Once he arrived in Alabama with a truck full of household goods and with the shed, he discovered the "neighborhood association" had a problem with the shed that was hauled all the way from Texas. They didn't really like it. Their community has regulations about such things, which nearly made my dad blow a gasket. But, these are the kinds of hurdles that are encountered when you make hurried decisions.
Guess what this means? This gal who is headed for full-time living in the country in less approximately 13 days is going to have a brand-spankin-new storage shed for the acreage.
Thanks Dad!


mary i said...

ok I am a follower don't comment sorta gal of you and yours. I live in Alabama and am not happy about hearing this. Got to watch those neighbor hood things. Your Father is more than welcome in Tuscaloosa.

LindaG said...

Just what you need! How lucky for you all.
We can't stand homeowners associations.

Good luck with your move, Lana. God bless. ♥

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness, Lana, your dad is a mess. I think you're right - he just wants to drive his Mustang. Or he's in denial. Maybe he's trying to out-run the cancer. Well, if he's happy in Alabama it's okay I guess. I think your pop may have always been a contrarian! Glad you got a shed tho!

Karen said...

Hello Lana, I was just reading your last posts that I've missed. Oh, your dad is such a strong man! Making a move like that would be way more than enough for me and he does it while undergoing chemo.

I am stunned (and tired out) reading about all the work with the move and packing and your tooth extractions....oh, my prayers go out to you, dear lady! You are an inspiration to me!