Saturday, May 25, 2013

#440 - Living in the Country - Finally!!!

I am sitting up in the RV, listening to the generator hum in the distance, yet the night sounds of the country are so strong that my ears are filled with noises of crickets and frogs.

We are having to use minimal electricity because we will not have meter boxes installed for inspection until next week. The electric company has already given us a visit and will be back after installation for final inspection. Since we have acres of wooded property, we had to be on the land to give precise instructions. Thank God for the generator!

Water is from a Co-op, for now. Years ago, we had well over 1,000 feet of line ran just to reach one corner of our property, so the Co-op guy came out and put in a new water meter. Today, Sgt. Dave (yes, changing with the times) will be installing a spigot so we can bring water to the RV that is tucked in the woods, about four acres away.

Direct TV will be here June 3rd for installation on both RV televisions, so that will be nice. At that time, I will finally have more than my IPhone wont be my only source of wireless --- and I won't have to deal with these tiny texting buttons.

To get a mailbox at front of property, we had to buy a box from Lowe's, according to post office specifications, and then hand deliver it to the Texas Department of Teansportation for installation. Living off main Texas road means we have all kinds of restrictions with our mailbox, no decorative boxes allowed. Oh well, there goes my idea of having a Picasso-style box!

We also met with Tx-dot to discuss the need for another culvert. I guess I should not say "we" had a discussion because I went into their office to put in a request as Sgt Dave remained in the parking lot to change out a tire that was hissing and going flat due to a wrench sticking out of it. No joke. An entire Craftsman wrench.

As I filled at paperwork at the Texas Dept of Transportation --- which is a little building off the highway in town --- about five administration and field workers came out to talk once they heard me telling the receptionist, Mary Lou, that we had just moved here from Houston area. Everyone came out to talk, mostly to give encouragement except where my chickens are concerned...telling me they won't last the week. Then, they went over all the predators that are seen on my side of Livingston, since I am in the Big Thicket. They said to beware bears that have now migrated here from a reintroduction plan in Louisiana's Big Thicket, Black Panthers. Bobcats, coyotes. Snakes. Chicken Hawks, foxes and more.

And when they asked what my husband did for a living in Houston and I told them he worked with the baddest of the bad in Harris County Criminal Courthouse, they clammed up, as if they were traumatized. I figure these parts do not even like talking about the possibility of horrendous crime. However, all the guys standing there finally had one break the odd silence by saying, "...those murderers will hopefully get more than their paperwork punishment once they are in prison." I didn't say anything. After we all got back on track talking about the benefits of living in then country, we were having a great time as my husband was changing a tire. After checking on him, I stepped back inside for Mary Lou to sweetly tell me, "The atmosphere got so weird when they asked what your husband did for work in Houston because one of our main guys just got an autopsy report on his sister who was just murdered, discovering she has been shot and then burned up." My heart sunk. Now I understood, and I could only say, "God Bless."

She gave me five marked stakes to mark our frontage property line, the desired mailbox locaton and stakes to mark either side of the culvert to be put in. She went and got my husband a cold bottle of water and we said our goodbyes. Two days later, the mailbox was installed and a field worker came to do a report for a much needed culvert. The following morning, I woke up early and walked the good distance to the front of the property with my five stakes, sturdy walking stick, both dogs and a hammer. In my canteen pouch, I put my cell, knife, and whistle. A few cars whizzed by along with one logging truck. But I welcome the change in trucking from chemical tankers surrounding all sides of us on the road to a logging truck here and there. The only "Shelter in Place"'that would occur around here would be weather-related.

So, we have water on side of land where cabin will be constructed. We should have electricity next week and Internet/TV as of June 3rd. For now, we are still in a bit of chaos for a while, but that's to be expected.

For the scenery surrounding us, it is all worth it! We are LIVING IN THE COUNTRY, FINALLY!!!


Rae said...

Holy crap. I thought I was the only one!

Several years ago, I picked up a 1/2" craftsman wrench in my tire! Hubby swears that would only happen to me. He was astounded when I told him that I was NOT the only one! Lol!

LindaG said...

Don't mind saying I am a bit jealous. ;-)
But you guys have certainly earned this.
God bless and have a wonderful weekend. ♥

Carolyn said...