Tuesday, May 14, 2013

# 437 - Signing Papers on House, Today!

May 15th is here. Today is the day we're signing papers to sell the house. As of today, we won't be home-owners. Insert panic here.

As long as the buyers don't have a problem, we don't have a problem...we will be officially NON-OWNERS of this monstrosity.

However, we are supposed to have a five day lease-back which means we get to lease-back our own house for another five days following closing. This will give us extra time to finish packing, to get set up in Livingston with the RV and to get moved.

We've found another RV that would allow for more comfortable living over this next year so we can construct the house with less stress. This tag-along had a great layout, the tow weight is 6,700 pounds and the open floorplan gives three seating areas and a GREAT kitchen with ample counter space and cabinetry for storage.

Yes, I did love this RV kitchen with the windows flanking the sink, room for the coffee pot, for food preparation and the cabinetry is actually attractive. I like that the kitchen as its own zone and wall space for efficient organization after I make a trip to IKEA to look at a few kitchen organization tools that affix to the wall.

It will be tight, but it's just the two of us and our dogs, who will probably choose to be outside as much as possible. Howdy is about to have wide open spaces to run and play!

As for the bathroom --- the extra storage in there will definitely come in handy. 
Most RV showers will not accommodate Deputy Dave in a standing position so he must slump forward or just not fit. In this corner shower, he fits and his head doesn't bump the ceiling. 

The hallway has shallow closet space, but it is much needed closet space. There are also built-in drawers that are nice to have on hand.

From the kitchen area, you can see the entertainment cabinet that will hold our flatscreen and probably the PS3 gaming system. Gotta have some fun!

So, it's looking as if this particular RV might be our home this coming week.

As for now, we're packing every day. Things are chaotic, crazy and overwhelming. I go through each room, keep sorting, packing and remembering that this house is it...our baby-making, family building days are it's time to sit back and watch the kiddos have their turn. Still the transition is clear to remind me that we are onto the next phase of our lives, which is exciting.

So, tomorrow, we sign papers at the title company to make the selling of our home official.

It will be weird.

After closing, we go back to the house to have five more days of packing and moving...we go back to a house that is not ours any longer. But, I will do my best to post our new digs, as soon as we get set up. I have a feeling the next few days are going to be exhausting to the bone.

Moving...the process that brings such FUN into your life along with a few dust bunnies!


Carolyn said...

Glad the day is finally here! And the RV looks may never want to build the house :)

Dreaming said...

Hooray for the closing and for finding an RV you like. Congrats! You have many adventures looming on the horizon!

Rae said...

Huge congrats!!! I am SO looking forward to tales of your country adventures!!!

LindaG said...

That is a fantastic RV! Wish we had found one like that.

And congratulations on the sale. That is wonderful!
I can't wait until we can sell ours, too.
God bless and good luck. ♥ said...

Carolyn - I can't believe this day finally came! And the RV we will end up selecting will be nice enough to helps us stay comfortable during the realistic time-frame it will take to build a cabin.

Dreaming -- thank you! There is definitely so much on the horizon that I can't even see straight!

Rae --- You know how long this has taken and how much further we have to go...we're hanging in there!

Linda --- I think we're going with an RV close to the floorplan of the one I showed. I saw some RV kitchens and layouts that have blown me away! I love the units with an "end kitchen" and there is another that we are probably going to buy tomorrow and it has extra RV space extended out over the tongue for a nice kitchen. But, we're nervous as heck by all this massive decisions and changes happening at one time. It's a tad overwhelming! :-/ I hope we'll be able to use this same RV to go visit our daughters, eventually!


Eggs In My Pocket said...

So wonderful that you are moving to the country! Your RV looks beatuiful! Good luck with your move!