Sunday, May 5, 2013

# 433 - Moving Countdown - 11 Days and Sushi Withdrawals

Moving further away from the Greater Houston area will bring about a few major changes, such as us suddenly living in a rural area with the closest town nearly 13 miles away.

But, something we will definitely miss are all the fabulous restaurants we have on our side of town. First of all, living in and around bayside communities gives us constant access to numerous seafood restaurants. And being in Texas automatically means we have quite a few steak houses to choose from on those nights we want to splurge. But, sushi and Thai food are favorites that I will surely experience withdrawals from once we move to the country.

Just a short drive from our home here in the city, we can find one of our favorite restaurants and eat sushi until our hearts are content. We love mixing wasabi in with our soy sauce and to enjoy the beautiful flavor explosions that take place when you put a bite of sushi in your mouth.

If you haven't done it, don't be day...take a chance at a well-known, high-quality sushi restaurant and go for it!

But, in Livingston, we will be far, far, far, from our favorite places to eat and I know I might have a bit of a problem with this arrangement, but I expect us to cross that bridge when we come to it and then keep driving to the sushi restaurant we both love!

The best case scenario would be for Livingston to keep building more restaurants. More! We want more!

I am going to miss having these restaurants so close by. These are one of the daily changes we will have to become accustomed to when living in the forest.


Anonymous said...

You might want to try out Florida's Kitchen in Livingston. It's been a couple years since I've ate there but it had great home cooking. The chicken fried steak was as big as the plate.

Rae said...

Omg, I feel your pain. When we lived in town, our sushi place was 15 min away... Now it's nearly an hour. We actually went on Saturday, and it was HEAVEN!!! Bring on the miso, spicy tuna, and creamy crab!! I'm HUNGRY!

Lana said...

Cynthia-We will definitely try it out! Sounds delicious! Since Livingston is growing by bounds and leaps, I hope to see more great restaurants come their way!

Rae - we will be near two hours from our favorite sushi place but that's okay ---- grrrr ----- I also ready feel detox coming on! Gotta have my sushi! I get rolls special made with soy paper so I am particularly addicted!! And all the other stuff you mentioned... I shudder to think how infrequently we will be able to enjoy this unique taste!!!