Sunday, May 26, 2013

#441 - Transition to the Country

Living on our acreage in the country is a dream come true for us, but it has its challenges. However, every day that we step outside to stand in the forest and every night when we look up to see the vast sky sprinkled with stars shining so clear, we feel hugely blessed! And there are so many stars that I am sure city children cannot imagine how stars actually seem to be jam-packed in the sky...until they get away and take a look above on a clear night, away from interfering city lights.

So much work is in store for us, but for now, we are just trying to get the RV comfortable and organized. Sgt. Dave spends his days off going nonstop on the land; he has always been a country boy.

(Using IPhone and can't get back to bottom of my post to insert pictures, it's hung up at the point about my dad putting gas in generator --- if you know how to allow me to get to bottom of post after it is initially written, please comment --- this is the reason my pics are out of order).

However, not only are we located in the country, we are truly in the middle of rural wilderness. Our land is heavily wooded, has a creek and the topography is with gentle rolling hills.

This week, my dad has plans for the two of us to build a 10x14 storage shed while Sgt. Dave is at work. I am concerned for my dad because he has now gone thru two of three intense chemo rounds which has already caused him to lose what hair he had left, including the mustache he has had for over 40 years. I suppose a cancer fight can bring such harship, both emotional and physical. For him, the mustache was difficult because it was such a huge part of his identity. He is also very weak. Some days he's so weak that he can't even drive his beloved new Mustang because he doesn't have the energy to do stick shift.

Still, the first day I was here by myself, my dad drove the near two hours from the bay side of Houston to come see me, to check on me and to fill the generator with gas and to review safety measures etc with proper handling of the generator. As for my dad, he has a big motor home and I would like for him to bring it out here so he could be close by after this next round of chemo, especially since he is weakening. And he also loves it out here - it's peaceful. We will see how it goes.

Then, my father-in-law had surgery at MD Anderson two days ago for cancer of the tongue. So things have been bittersweet. My in-laws have a motorhome as well and I think our parents should park on the other side of the acreage that has a strong culvert to cross over, especially since we are having meters and breaker boxes installed over there by the end of next week. We are the only kids of theirs, now, that had prooerty to accommodate their motorhomes. With the health issues, I don't know what else to do. My dad is so weak that I am very concerned and I really don't want him being alone for too long at a time.

Anyway, last night I made our first meal in this RV and since our chickens are laying a TON of eggs, I decided to make bacon and eggs. And they were delicious! This RV kitchen is amazing and nice to cook in! And it was nice to get a home-cooked meal since we've been on the go so much and that means picking up food when in town. We are the kind of people who enjoy eating at home, so getting more settled is nice.

We have so much to do, but living on acreage means there will always be work to be done. Sgt. Dave will be hanging our country's flag today, and we will be thinking of all the sacrifices made by our veterans so that prople like us have beautiful opportunities sto live an America dream.


Lisa M said...

Congratulations! We moved to the middle of nowhere a few years ago and it has been such a wonderful adventure. I know that you'll just love it!


Carolyn said...

A father's love for his daughter....not even cancer can come between you two :)

I hope you are able to get your fathers where you are, that would be nice and easier for you to keep an eye on everyone.

Here's to many more homegrown/homemade meals in your RV!

LindaG said...

I couldn't see any of your pictures. :-(
But I so enjoyed your post!
I hope your Dad and in-laws will move out there with you. We've tried to get my mom to move in with us, but she is very independent and also said she couldn't stand the humidity when she visited us in '94.

The only thing I can think of is to try making your post in word, or some such program. Upload your pictures and then add the link to them in your post and then copy and past it.

You can look at an earlier post if you want to see how blogger links to pictures.

I am so happy for you all! Thank Sgt. Dave for his service and have a blessed week! ♥

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

So happy for you Lana! Hope the shed building went well. It is so great that you have the option to have family just come out to the land to stay for a while. Don't let the workers at the transportation office scare you, if you have a nice sturdy coop for your girls, you shouldn't have much to worry about.