Sunday, September 1, 2013

# 470 - Today I am a GRANDMA!

Okay, today, September 1, 2013, is the day that the Lord blessed me with another title that speaks volumes. Today, I have officially become a GRANDMA! My oldest daughter, Heather, has graced me with a grand-daughter, Coraline Fay.

Here is Heather as she is feeling contractions, the day before she gives birth.
Immediately, I know she's got that "look" on her face that indicates
the baby is probably on the way...for real. She's a trooper.

My grand-daughter's middle name, Fay, is in honor of my mother. Actually Coraline will make four generations of women in our family who have carried the name "Faye," which is a beautiful Southern name.

My great-grandmother was Lola Faye.
My grandmother was Laura Fay (without the "e).
My mother was Shelley Faye.
And now, my grand-daughter is named Coraline Fay.

My mother would share in our delight!

Since Heather was raised in a bay community outside of Galveston Island, well, she actually spent a great deal of time on Galveston Island, she has designed Coraline's baby room in a retro-nautical theme. The room is beautiful.

At 45 years of age, I feel as if I am at a great age to begin having fun as a grandparent. My husband will be a "Pappy" and I might be a "Maw-Maw" or a "Mi-Mi."

Of course, I feel as if I am one of those people who was born to be a grandma. It will be great to have a baby in the family, again. It's been over seven years since we had a baby in the family with the birth of my niece, Shaye.

And I am thinking of when Heather came into my life --- she changed my life in beautiful ways. I was always such a happy person, full of thanksgiving for my every little blessing, but giving birth to Heather expanded the beauty of this world for me as respect for motherhood hit me hard.

Me and Heather, in our apartment in Germany.

Heather has been looking forward to being a mom. Wisdom that can only be found as a parent is about to be hers as she goes through life as a mom. Being a mom opens the path to a different way of thinking and feeling and existing.

My daughter will learn about all the ups and downs that come with parenting. My suggestion to her is to remember that your child grows an identity of their own, we mothers simply help them along the way. One day, you won't be tied to her so tightly, so be ready and savor these days of having a direct impact on her growth. Being involved and connected with your child and including regular teachings about the mercies, love and sacrifices of Jesus, will boost Coraline toward steady and true paths which will produce a fulfilling life of her own.

To Henry, I suggest he would do well and his daughter even better if he never forgets that by treating the mother of his child with love and kindness, he will find it returned to him ten-fold. One of the best things a man can do for his child is to love the child's mother and never forget his behavior is in the most powerful spotlight of all --- which is the watching eyes of the children. Don't fail them; let right decisions and kindness be strength revealed, such fathers are indeed giants in the eyes of their children.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lana, Congratulations!! She is beautiful. Love the name. How is your daughter doing? Bobbie

Tombstone Livestock said...


Karen said...

Hello Lana, CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful little girl with an equally beautiful name. I am so happy for your family.

And I just caught up with your latest posts, and oh, dear lady---you and I must be twins. (Except I'm a decade older, lol) I am sorry to hear of your fall down the steps, I know exactly how that felt. OW! And you're so right, that was how I recovered too, just walk it off, because I sure couldn't sit or lie down! And the bullet is so scary. Our sons have trap shooting here every Thursday and for an hour or three it sounds like a civil war is waging in our Back Eight. Ricochets are always a concern for everyone. You were definitely being watched over by your Guardian Angel.

Take care, Lana, and from one woman to another with the shared middle name of 'clumsy'......hugs!!

LindaG said...

Your mother is sharing with you in heaven, you know. :-)
You could be a "Mi-Maw" if you ever saw Big Bang Theory. Hilarious show.

Congratulations and blessings to all. ♥

A Primitive Homestead said...

Oh I am so happy for you all. What a beautiful blessing she is. Congrats! said...

Bobbie - thank you for asking, Heather is doing fantastic. We are so happy for her. She is loving her life as a mommy!

Tombstone Livestock - Thank you! I guess it will take a while to fully kick in that I'm now a grandma! My brother gets a kick out of me being a "granny."

Karen - I have read posts about your spills as well, you are right, we are kindred spirits! My clumsy nature is something I try so hard to counter-act with being careful, but life gets the slip on me sometimes! As for shooting, I would love to do some skeet shooting, but I don't think we have enough land to do it safely. I am learning though and love the l22 rifle the most!

Linda - I love the show Big Bang Theory, but have not seen the Mi-Maw part --- now I will have to pay attention and catch up!! It's definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for the congrats!!


Vickie said...

Sweet post, Lana - you have indeed been blessed and I pray that I'll be a grandmother one day, too! Blessings upon you all!

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

So happy for you! Congratulations!!!