Thursday, September 19, 2013

# 474 - Underground Piping is Awesome!

My in-laws have been hanging around a lot these days. For years, these two have been full-time RV travelers and have been on the road, mostly out of Texas, but now that we have moved to our acreage, they are enjoying our land and the physical exercise in nature that it offers in endless fashion.

The electrical line down our private road, at the base of the pole is one of
our telephone boxes with DSL connection wires that my father-in-law
tore apart with the ditch-witch, by accident, on Sunday. The next morning,
I called out the phone company and they had it repaired before the
end of the day. I don't think that would've happened in Houston.
Glad I signed us up for the insurance plan to cover wiring inside and out!

My father-in-law is a construction master. He needed to run a ditch line for electrical wiring and for plumbing so they can park their RV on our property. He rented this beauty and spent two straight days behind this ditch-witch machine. While running ditches for his own plumbing and electrical, he used this incredible piece of machinery to run a long line from our main water connection to our RV. Now, we'll be able to bury the lines.

Yesterday, he got his electrical box wired and his plumbing lines ready to connect.

They are going through this labor and expense so they can park out here throughout the year when they are in town, and not have to worry about paying for RV park expenses during that time. RV spaces in the Livingston area will have a cost of about $400. per month, but the Houston area charges about $600. per month.

For people with RV's, you are already paying a hefty expense for the RV itself, for the high level of maintenance, and for gas. Expenses can be overwhelming.

It is good that we can provide a piece of our acreage for them to hook-up and catch a break from being on the road. And since they've been living in an RV for a very long time, I think they have truly enjoyed being able to get out of the cramped space and into nature. Taking a walk in an RV park is not the same as being able to cut back undergrowth on land that your family owns. Doing yard work or gardening in someone else's RV park is not exactly a desired activity.

So, they get the exercise and the fresh air with us benefiting from their desire to be productive out of the confines of the house on wheels. It works out for everyone. Out of their four adult children, we are the only ones who have a yard big enough for them to wander around in and big enough for them to have some freedom to do gardening.

My father-in-law is such a hands-on kind of man that he might have my house built within a matter of weeks with his own two hands! Looks like my husband is catching a MAJOR break as his mom and dad take over a few construction projects around here.

My job has been to document and record the lines that are being installed. The only problem we might have in the future is that our water line and phone line run tightly together in one area. We will have to watch out for that tricky area and hope the phone company will do the same.
Soon, we will have water that is no longer traveling to the RV via water hose connected to water hose connected to water hose and so on, I believe over 600 feet of water hose to reach the RV will no longer be needed because we will finally have underground water piping.
I love that our indoor piping will now be hidden and not of the garden hose variety.

Another giant leap for our rural country life!


LindaG said...

Fantastic news, Lana. Glad to hear about all that is being done.
Have a great weekend!

Lana said...

Linda - so thankful to not have water by water hose! Well, for it getting close to happening!