Friday, September 27, 2013

# 477 - Big Fire

Every now and then, we have to burn piles of debris around our acreage.

First of all, let me state, unequivocally, that I do not like to tempt fate. The debris fire that was recently started on the property was in absolute opposition to how I deal with life...I don't want to be burned, so I don't play with fire.

Well, not unless I am roasting marshmallows.

As for this latest and greatest fire, our puny water hose was useless.

And most of us know that a fire does not stay with the mother-flame, which has power beyond our imagination.

My husband likes to feel as if he is "controlling" the fire, which is humorous. (Hi Honey!) These roaring flames made my husband look like a tiny, little morsel that was in danger of being roasted.

I stood back, listening for potential fire trucks heading our direction so I could point them directly to my husband, "There's your pyromaniac...right there...making steam with that water-hose!"
As I was running back and forth on the property, looking at the water valves, checking for kinks in the mile long connections of water hosery, and trying to get my puny fire extinguishers ready, my father-in-law pointed to large chunks of black embers blowing directly over my RV and my new deck and he said, "That's what I'm worried about, those embers are our real danger right now, this fire can jump so easily."
And I remember the words of my grandmother as we'd burn trash on her land; she'd tell us to beware of "Flying Fire."
Oh great, we've got Flying Fire. I glared my husband's direction and imagined a size 6 1/2 -7 shoe in his rear as my RV burned to the ground. Hey, my temporary home as we wait to build a home cannot be burned down! I need this RV to remain scorch-free because it contains my FAVORITE PILLOW!
I cannot sleep without my FAVORITE PILLOW!
And as I watched magical pieces of Flying Fire whirl directly around my temporary residence, I had a sick urge to sing a highly inappropriate song that was released when I was about sixteen years old...the chorus goes, "The roof, the roof is on fire...we don't need no water, let the ***** burn!"
Yes, it was a moment tinged with crazy thoughts to match the crazy situation.


Carolyn said...

My husband is a safety nutjob, we've both been trained as firefighters, but we're STILL very, very "afraid" when it comes to burning brush. Something that we have to do if we want to clear the land, but something we have to do with a lot of planning & caution, but even with that there is still a chance of an unwanted spark, flame or sudden burst of wind that will carry the potential of an out of control fire.

Be careful and stay safe! :)

LindaG said...

Glad to hear nothing serious happened.
Hubby burns, too, but usually tries to clear an area around the burn pile.
We're under a burn ban right now, though, so we can't.
He usually makes sure the prevailing wind isn't blowing towards the house, too. Just in case.

Have a wonderful Sunday! :)