Saturday, September 21, 2013

# 475 - Country-Style Education

Livingston, Texas is a wonderful community that has country charm. Livingston is the county seat for this area, and the county's history has wonderful tales to tell.

In town, there is an old cabin that has been moved from Kickapoo Creek to the center of town, as a historic icon. This cabin was built in 1933 by one of the last Pakana Muskogee Indians in Polk County. Actually, he built it with his wife.

We're Home!

I grew up going to family land owned by my parents that led to Kickapoo Creek. I grew up swimming in Kickapoo Creek. I saw my grand-father catch catfish with his own hands from Kickapoo Creek, which no one outside of the family wanted to BELIEVE happened until today's reality-tv educated the viewing public about "noodling." Certain tv shows now film people doing EXACTLY what I had witnessed my grandfather doing over thirty years ago.

Back on track...

Getting to know this town that I've known all my life, in a deepened manner, has been fun.

Evidently, this cabin is an example of the Native American's effort to replicate the "white man's" way of home-building. No matter the background, I think this cabin is a beauty and a work of art. Later, I will post more up-close photos of this cabin from different angles.

So, last weekend, I was able to have a wonderful visit with my niece, Shaye. She is now seven years old and is a stinker-poo that I adore. For our outing on Saturday, I took her to this historic area in Livingston, and we had a ball.

Picnic area behind historic cabin.

Shaye loved this little house, but wasn't quite ready to move in.
Just around the corner from the historic cabin is the No. 5 train. This train took the county to new heights, economically, because it was able to transport timber.

BOOM, the train changed this county's economy. Today, the timber industry in this area is still running strong; this region's timber business contributed to the building of America.

When driving to town, you can bet that we will see a logging truck roaring along the same road. I don't much care for logging trucks, but I will take those over the Hazmat Highway our old house adjoined and that had the highest number of big rigs carrying hazardous materials than any other stretch of freeway, especially since Hwy 225 is lined, on both sides, with refineries and chemical plants that make up the majority of Houston's petro-chemical industry.

America needs both the petro-chemical area and the timber harvesting area. However, I won't be in danger of hearing a "Shelter in Place" alarm for a timber truck spill that has occurred twenty miles down the road.

I have always found it fascinating that the timber industry is the main industry for this area. Natural resources that are harvested and replenished is an amazing process.

As for the train, it has a steam engine --- see the bulbous steam output thingy sticking out of the engine of the train in the background?

Back on our acreage, Shaye was trying to relax on the deck. She was playing with a new toy from Walmart, watching Netflix streaming onto her tablet via WiFi, and drawing in her construction-paper folder. I viewed this moment as a weird combination of country-life mixed with high-tech capabilities.

Soon, we would go on another adventurous hike through the woods.

By the end of the day, this smile had disappeared as the kiddo was begging me to let her go to sleep! Country living combined with her aunt's back-to-back activities had worn her out to the core.

"I AM SO EXHAUSTED," she pleaded at dusk.

Next time, we might go to the local library and save some energy.


Ian H said...

That cabin is my idea of paradise ( in a remote location, of course)!

LindaG said...

Fresh air is good for putting them to sleep. :-)
We have log trucks here, but they stick to the main roads.
And lots of trains, but no steam trains.

Glad you got to spend such a great time with Shaye! ♥ said...

Ian H. - I agree with you. I'd LOVE to spend part of my life living in such a wonderful cabin. Sometimes, I want us to tackle a project to build a hand-made cabin, just to do it. We'll see. I supposed your place will be covered in snow pretty soon!

Linda - Definitely! That steam train is on display and it's a beauty! You know how happy I am to get time with my special niece, the two of us are so connected and really enjoy each other's company. I hope you pecan trees are doing better!