Monday, September 30, 2013

# 478 - She Makes Life Better!

Heather, my oldest daughter, is awesome. She just had her first baby on September 1st.

Having a daughter has brought out different creativeness in my child because she's now carrying on a family tradition by making her daughter's hair-bands.

Here are a few that Heather has made this week...

Heather took this shot of Coraline wearing one of the hair accessories she made, and I had to share.

These are the moments in life that are simple, yet powerful for a Nana like myself.

Yes, I'm Lana the Nana, and I love my grand-baby girl.

I am now waiting for the day I get to see my daughter and her daughter, both wearing matching hair accessories. And this is the reason that having a baby girl is sort of like getting a beautiful gift, every single day.

So, when the crappy, yucky, depressing parts of life start to press down upon me, I take a few minutes to gaze at my grand-daughter's image, with her tiny features, her sweet little smile, her rosy cheeks

She makes my world a better place!


LindaG said...

*hugs* ♥

Your daughter could easily open an Etsi shop and make them for others. :-)
So happy for you all!

Ian H said...

Think in three's. Nana,Heather and grand Child all in matching hair accessories! By the way, you don't look old enough to be a grand mother. :-}} said...

Linda - I am sure Heather could produce beautiful accessories for baby, with a home-made touch and she could make some extra money! She's so creative and talented and motivated! Thank you Linda -- it's so great to have a friend always giving you encouragement and I thank you for your endless support.

Ian H. - I like your idea! We will need special hair accessories for certain gatherings, such as at Christmas time, Easter gathering, and so on. I can't wait! And you saying I don't look old enough to be a grandmother has endeared you to my heart --- I love you Ian -- accept the love!


A Primitive Homestead said...

Your girls are both beautiful. When my daughter was a baby I wore hair bands on her too. So long ago.