Wednesday, May 2, 2012

# 258 - Dr. Spock Moment - Garden Transportation

My plants at the front door are looking beautiful.

I must say that I was in for a huge blessing this Easter after my Easter Lily sprouted without any care from the last season's planting. They came up by surprise and it was almost a tear-jerker for me because this was the first year I had not gone out to a garden center to specifically purchase an Easter Lily plant for the table setting or fireplace mantel.

This past Easter, we went for a weekend of camping to our acreage. But, the Lord shined down a big smile upon me by sprouting up this Easter Lily in a spot that could NOT be missed by anyone...right at my front door.

I might have forgotten that the bulb was planted into this shallow pot, but HE did not forget. I was faithful in watering the sporadic plantings that have come and gone in this particular pot and He was faithful in matching my efforts ten-fold. So awesome!

As for the plant with the red blossoms, I don't know the name of it, but I've had these since we came back from Germany over 20 years ago. My grandmother gave me one of these plants and I've divided them into multiple potted plants over the years. Most everyone in my family and most of my friends have been given a potted cutting that survives and thrives quite nicely.

However, the Easter Lily has me feeling such a huge surge of thanksgiving for all of my blessings. This plant seems to symbolize, for me, that the desires of our heart are not forgotten or discarded...they might be waiting for the perfect time to make a grand appearance.

Another beauty on my front porch in a large pot is this Canna. Well, I think it's a Canna Lily. These bulbs were planted last year, mostly on our land, and the leftover bulbs were planted around the house. The potted bulbs and the ones planted in the front gardens are coming up gracefully, with abundant color.

I love bulb plantings. All of them seem to captivate me.

I can't imagine having loads of ground available for amazing gardens on our property. Of course, I'll be likely to plant lots of tropical plants in shaded areas near our cabin, but my flowering bulbs will be a huge delight that I'll be sure to indulge in with my gardening-gone-wild.

Tulips will be on my garden agenda next year.

While growing up, every year I would plant Tulip bulbs in our backyard for my mother. She loved Tulips, as do I. As soon as we get settled on our acreage and into our first growing season, I'll have a beautiful array of Tulips, in honor of my mother.

I find it comforting that our simple efforts in gardening can bring us the reward of certain plants that make us think of beautiful life moments. Certain fragrances help us to recollect a moment in time from long ago; a special scent might be powerful enough to transport us to a spot faraway from where we actually stand. I think this must be one of the cool plans that God had in mind when he created such beauty in nature. We are all tied to such things, in one way or another.

And thankfully, my green thumb with bulbs appears to be pretty hardy. I think I've become a nut for bulbs.


Rae said...

Awesome! I so hear you on the scents spurring a bit of nostalgia. I posted on it once when I first started my blog. The lilacs we have smell like home, and remind me of the swallowtail butterflies that would show up when the lilacs were blooming... I planted 3 more lilacs this year. :)

Dreaming said...

I am so in love with tulips. We have not been in an area where we can grow them successfully until now. They bring such delight in the spring. Having tulips in honor of your mother is such a great idea. I agree about ties to our loved ones; visual, auditory, or sensory.
We bought our tulips from Color Blends. There are many other places to purchase them. I can't wait to see pictures of your tulips next spring!

LindaG said...

Your lily is beautiful, Lana.
*hugs* ♥