Thursday, May 24, 2012

# 271 - Outdoor Fun Under One Roof

When did shopping become such a great time for amusement and distraction?

I wouldn't like to meet this fellow and his friends in the wilderness.

Kind of cute up close.

Imagine...these furnishings are more raw looking, less refined, yet more intriguing than assembly line productions.

It's awesome to have furniture that is better than any work of art you can find. Functional and funky.

Look at the claws on this sucker. These foxes will kill your dogs, if they can get to them. Cute furry creatures are not always so cute.

I'm a Texan and have had VERY close calls with a few armadillos. I'll save one of those stories for another day. Let me just tell you that an armadillo's claws are pretty darn intimidating.

It's the nutty hunter, "Here pretty moose, pretty moose."

I don't think the rear slap is gonna work on this fellow any longer.

MOOOOO! Or whatever sound this stinker would have made, once upon a time. I'm not accustomed to seeing these creatures on every corner in our area.

That pointing object in the hand of the rider is actually a whip. Deputy Dave doesn't look too frightened. Of course, he has the bargaining chip in his hands...fudge.

I think this place is better than a shopping mall. I'm a strange woman, but this place has everything you'd ever want...clothes, camping equipment, toys, gifts and did I mention...fudge?

Outdoor World is great at bringing the outdoor world under one roof for us all to enjoy.


Dreaming said...

I love going to the Outdoor World shop near us. I could spend hours there! We visited Cabela's while we were in UT. They have similar displays and similar merchandise, but we felt the Bass shops had more.
LOL at the fudge! We bought way too much at Cabela's!

LindaG said...

We spent 3 years in Alaska.

We love Bass Pro Shops. Cabela's, too, though they are few and far between.

It was so funny. His brother called us at 9PM one night after his first stop in an Outdoor World...

Have a great weekend!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love shopping that has lots of amusement and distraction!! I also love that table and I'm always game for fudge!! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!!

Charade said...

Wow, I wanna go there and look at every piece of furniture they have!