Tuesday, May 1, 2012

# 257 - Non-Idle Hands and Busy Paws

Anyone who has played fetch with a dog knows the old past-time game between man and dog never gets old. Well, I'm a woman, but you get my drift.

No matter what age I reach, I've discovered that playing with an enthusiastic, loyal dog eager to fetch is always a delight.

Mix that eagerness with a canine who has acrobatic athleticism and you have a wonderful method of entertainment. This is our Australian Shepherd catching an "UP" throw in our backyard. In the shot below, Howdy is actually heading back to the ground after making a complete flip in the air.

His agility often shocks me; he truly should be in agility competitions.

Give me a ball or a rope or a stick...anything I throw will be targeted by Howdy with precision. 

Belle the Yorkie does her best to keep up. She's a fast little doggie...elusive and fleet-footed enough to keep out from under Howdy's massive form as it falls back to earth.

Every day one of us tries to play ball with these two beasts. As for my old gal, Liyla, she's not into playing ball and that's okay, she's happy watching and being a referee. But, playing ball with the dogs is the best method for keeping them worn out enough to deter any destructive tendencies. That's a good lesson for all of us in life; if we're not kept busy know the Biblical saying about idle hands. It's solid advice; I believe it, wholeheartedly. Besides, I was once a "youngin" and learned this principle first-hand. It's great to stay busy, but there's also a time to be still and quiet.

At least while we're playing catch, my hands are busy and the dogs are happily exerting abundant energy...outside.

For now, my hands are staying busy with several things I am tackling. Gardening is going well this season. I experimented with planting different tomato seeds this year and found that the Hybrid seeds were the most reliable for easy sprouting. However, I am wanting to veer more toward Heirloom seeds and we've been making a conscious effort toward that goal.

I'm glad that we made the decision to move full charge ahead with our gardening in our backyard, even though there's a "For Sale" sign in the front yard. Until the house sells, we'll be enjoying the rewarding feelings that come with gardening, and we'll likely savor home-grown vegetables until the home's ownership passes hands. If it sells during harvest season, I hope the new owners will enjoy the works of our non-idle hands.


LindaG said...

And maybe you'll convert someone else to having a garden.
Or find someone who was looking for a place they could garden.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening! :o)

Charade said...

Good for you. Just add a little wind chime among those tomato plants, and a gardener/buyer will be lured right in.

Dreaming said...

I love your action shots! It's amazing how some dogs can be so athletic! Capturing that with the camera is quite a challenge!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love watching dogs having fun like that, and trying to get their pictures too!

I totally agree with you about keeping your hands busy! :-)