Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#269 - My Heirloom Kitchen will make a Comeback!

My country kitchen will have many elements to it that are similar to the shelving in the photo below. I love the shelving for the pots, dishes and the slots to better organize it all.

I also love the cream color of the wainscoting, trim and shelving. Warm and welcoming!

The shot below has a wall mounted custom cubby for herbs and spices. I love this makes it easy to organize your cooking supplies and to quickly find everything you need.

For the shot below, I love the shelving over the doorway and the transom window. The tongue and groove ceiling adds character as well. 

Continuing onward, the photo below shows the trim around the window and doorway to be old-fashioned, just the way I love it...rough cut and not considered "Home Depot" style trim.

The picture below shows the door trimmed out in regular wood trim without the standard finished version of today's home construction. As you know, I want our country cabin to have instant character that is embraced from former construction techniques. To me, this doorway trim looks as perfect as it can get for the look I'm striving to obtain in our country cabin.

All of these photos can be found at our local store that has us addicted and constantly coming back for more. I can literally spend all day in this store.

Oh yes, did I mention that they have a restaurant in this store and that they also sell old-fashioned candies to include freshly made fudge? Vanilla fudge...gets me every time.

I love getting to see a bit of what my kitchen will look like by going into this store. I could stand in the kitchen area and take notes; it seems to be a part of me. I love the look! In fact, I'll probably call the store to see if they will put me in touch with someone who knows the actually paint type and color so that I can get the proper cream color for our own kitchen.

Putting it all together is such fun!

My next step is to check out the Amish stoves...the Pioneer Queen. I'll keep you informed as that goes along. Our kitchen in the country is going to be a one time deal -- the appliances will be old-fashioned, so they will be staying and our style will be old-fashioned, so that will remain as well...I want to put in a magnificent working kitchen that will serve us well until the end of our days. It will cost more upfront and the maintenance costs will be necessary so we can keep it all in working order through the years, but we are willing to pay more upfront to buy the above and beyond kitchen appliances that will remain in the family for many, many years. I am excited that our kitchen will contain heirloom pieces.


Rae said...

Great ideas!

I'm having so much fun watching your planning! Maybe someday we'll build a new house... Til then, I'm gonna just enjoy reading your fun times. Lol.

Dreaming said...

What fun ideas you have found. I love how much time you have invested in finding what you want to incorporate into your home. It will be so much fun to see everything come together as you build your home!

Michelle said...

You are making my dream kitchen. Except I want a room that works as a pantry right off the kitchen. I need a place for all my canning jars and cooking items. My cook books collection also needs a bigger home.

LindaG said...

Great ideas, Lana. Your kitchen will be amazing! said...

Rae - Having a cool house to work on is pretty nice in itself. You have your hands full!

Dreaming - I bring my camera every place I go and when I see ideas that might be nice to incorporate or to think about for our country cabin, I snap those pictures. It takes keeping my eyes open for the most simple things. Inspiration is all around!

Michelle - our cabin plan has a very nice mud-room and pantry directly off the kitchen. It will be uber-nice.

Linda - you know I've been working on my kitchen design for quite a while. Can't wait to put it all together!