Saturday, May 26, 2012

# 273 - Country Girl Class 101

Of two chicks that we adopted around Easter, one of the chicks was attacked several weeks ago by our Yorkie. The upper beak was bitten off and we didn't think the chick could survive, but with extra round-the-clock intervention, the chick lived. I don't exactly know what breed of chickens these are and I don't know if they are a Jack or Jill, but I do know they are the SWEETEST CHICKENS WALKING THIS EARTH!!

Perhaps it is because these chicks received major hands-on care because of the injury, I don't know, but they are extremely attached to me. Every morning, as I go outside to feed the chickens, these two chicks hop on my feet and if I bend down, they hop into my lap, wanting to be held.

The big hens that we've had for over a year are accepting of the chicks, and Big Mama, the "A" hen, is keeping a guarded eye on her chicks, very closely.
So, now we have four Buff Orpingtons and Two Mystery Chicks.

These chicks seem to have above-average chicken intelligence. Shall I put on the show of a proud old grandparent by whipping out the wallet with the long accordion photo spread? Actually, these chicks have impressed me by their quick scoping of the yard to find every nook and cranny so they can scamper under every item they can fit beneath. They seem to be skittish, but they are constantly on the lookout. Hmmm...Maybe a dog attack at young age has prompted them into being true survivors.

My oldest niece has been staying at our house for a visit. I sure love this kiddo. She's my brother's middle child and his only daughter. Phoebe is an amazing 15 year old. I have a bond with this gal that goes to the moon and back.

I get a kick out of Phoebe not being afraid of chickens. She was instantly at ease around them and they were immediately drawn to her...not that it had anything to do with her holding a container of feed.

Speaking of breeds, 15 year old teenagers are a breed of their own. I've raised a couple myself already, so I sort of speak their language. It's called..."Get to the point."

Trying to tip-toe around a teenager doesn't work. They look at that approach with a shark's mentality, so don't go there. Just speak your mind, tell it how it is, and lay it on the line...teenagers are better able to handle that kind of language and its the kind they best respond to. As for myself, I love having conversations with teenagers. Before you know it, they'll be developing into young adults and will start to judge themselves and everyone around them with a new set of eyes...hopefully more like a dolphin instead of a shark.

My niece is trying out the farmer look. I think she's nearly got it down. Once we get moved to our acreage, she wants to come help me with the animals during her visits. She's grown up coming to our acreage throughout the years. She loves it in the forest; she's jumped our creek and swam in our spring fed lake. This kid has a bunch of country-loving bones growing strong in her body.

And the dogs are living in peace with the chickens, yes, with ALL the chickens, to include the two growing chicks. Even Belle the Yorkie has decided the chicks are part of her big family; they are free from her predatory mindset. In the photo below, you can see the two chicks and the three dogs at the back porch.

Man...isn't this EXACTLY what people are eager to find when they are thinking about buying your house?

Sometimes, I have to giggle at the absurdity of it all. How did I end up with this kind of life? I never imagined I'd have a backyard full of barnyard creatures. Heck, I never thought I'd ever have a large dog. I think there are two in this picture, two big dogs.

Lord, get me to the country. I love my life, but it sure would be awesome to finally have a front yard that would be the equivalent of several city blocks of this neighborhood we now live in. I'd have a landscape blessed with mature oak trees that are older than my grandmother. I'd have to learn to appreciate the silence that comes with country living.

Lord, I'm doing my part...trying to. Like I always say, if it is in HIS will, then we will be moving to the country before too long. Since I'm certain that the Lord has a hearty sense of humor, I'm sure he'll bless our efforts just so he can get us out there for some extra "real-life" entertainment for The Big Man in the Sky to enjoy as we muddle through each day. I'm sure we won't disappoint, we've got a LOT to learn.


Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

So glad your little chicken survived...Lil Sara wants to know why you have no cats lol.

Blessings Kelsie

Mike said...

My chicks are 10 weeks old and are still skiddish. Course, the Poland breed is known for their flighty ways.

This chicks look to be Golden Comets. Too early for me to tell if their Jack and Jill. ;) said...

Kelsie, we are so happy the chick survived as well. We call that one "beaker." Tell Little Sara that we don't have any cats right now because my youngest, Stefie, is extremely allergic to cats. So terribly allergic that she went into that allergic shock with her throat closing up and losing consciousness when she was about three years old, after being at my sister's house and holding the cat. We had no idea, until then, how severely her allergy was. We rushed her to the hospital, speeding and she lost consicousness on the way, it was horrible. To this day, she will be so eager to snuggle with a little kitten, but she's learned the hard way about how dangerous it can be for her. However, once we move to our acreage, I imagine we'll have to adopt some cats for the barnyard, etc., I don't want the mice and rats to think our place is home for them too. I just have to get the big dogs to be friendly with cats and we'll all be happy together!

Mike -- I guess we're in the same boat with hoping the chicks are not of the "Jack" variety. However, if the chick that was injured turns out to be a roo, we'll have to keep him because we wouldn't feel right about putting among others with his disadvantage and with his sweet nature from being handled so much. He's such an adorable, gawky teenager right now!!


Vickie said...

Hey Lana, I was going to say Golden Comets OR Cinnamon Queens. Not sure. But I've seen some Cin. Queens and they are quite pretty with the orange and white. Google both and see what you think! said...

Vickie - I looked at them both, went thru a lot of pictures and it is tough to tell. However, the Cinnamon Queens do look VERY similar to our chicks during their "teenager" stage because there is a real difference in feathering from brown to white patches. The Cinnamon Queens had more contrast to them, sort of like our birds.

Thank you for helping out!! It will be interesting to find out what kind they are and what their eggs will look like compared to the Buffs.

One thing is for sure, these chicks are the sweetest birds! Such wonderful temperaments.


LindaG said...

Glad to hear the chicks are doing well, and to see the chicks. They look great!

Good to hear about Belle, too. Hopefully she will stay peaceful with chicks and chickens the first time one of your hens get broody. :o)

Have a blessed Sunday!