Thursday, May 10, 2012

# 263 - Sleeping with the Fishes

Living near the water offers a way of life that is so different from any other. Being close to the bay means we are given ample opportunities to eat delicious, fresh seafood prepared every way you can imagine. Plus, we get to enjoy the life of a boating community. Of course, as most seafaring communities is a big part of our world.

Deck shoes are a part of most people's wardrobes around here; flip flops are worn on a regular basis by men and women alike, mostly to help keep the sand out of our shoes, not just because they like flip flops. Most of our neighbors, family, and friends love water-sports such as jet-skiing, kayaking, surfing, water-skiing, and more.

Once we move to the country, it will be an different world to live farther away from salt water. We'll be living very close to a major lake in Texas along with enjoying a small spring-fed lake at the back of our property, but I will be forced to travel to the coastline, frequently, so I can hear the waves crashing on the shoreline. I love that sound.

Down the street, Deputy Dave and I have this view at our disposal. The picture below is only about two miles from our house, only a bike ride away. Bad side of this view is when a hurricane is approaching and you must decide if you need to high-tail it away from water...again. Since hurricanes can be unpredictable for a while, until they approach the coastline and are more "chartable," it can be a hard call to make. The best thing to do is to stay prepared for evacuation and also stay prepared for hunkering down. Either way, you'll be prepared!

At our country home, as a hurricane approaches, we can relax a bit more. However, since we're prone to tornado spin-offs from stormy weather, we'll still be on the look-out.

Regardless, our master bedroom in the country will embrace the theme of "water." I'm putting together a series of photos to have blown up to poster size for framing so we can still see the ocean every day as we're dozing off to sleep or getting ready to start our day.

However, on most nights, I think we'll be drifting off to sleep to the sound of crickets.

If the bats haven't gobbled them all down...


Mike said...

crickets, frogs, owls and things that go bump in the night. I love the country. The whoa-man really liked my TN country-side on our funeral trip. I'll keep that bug in her ear.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lana,
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I've been lurking in the shadows for prolly a year or so and thought I'd finally say hey. Can't wait for the big move and the adventures of country living. Also love all the stories and pics of your sweet animals, absolutely love your chickens!
Btw, how is the little chicks doing? Haven't heard how the injured ones doin.
Anyway, thanks for sharing and Keep'em comin sista!
Deb in Viola, KS

Michelle said...

You have the best of both worlds. The still of the country and the salty breeze of the ocean. A lot of us would love having these locations at hand. said...

Mike - I think I can handle things that go bump in the night better in the country than in the city, with the exception of Big Foot!

Deb - Thanks for making a comment so I know you're out there. All my readers are important. Since you asked, I will give an answer about the chicks, especially the injured one...I'll make a post about them over the weekend so you can see how amazingly big they've grown. They are able to be together again, the beak still looks weird, but it did heal. Thanks for reading! It's nice to be able to read real-world blogs!

Michelle - I definitely have the best of both worlds...I'll have the country at my fingertips and the ocean within a 2 1/2 - 3 hour drive. We've had so much of the ocean at our disposal that we're ready for a change. The peacefulness of the country is hard to beat!


LindaG said...

Glad to hear your chicks are doing well, Lana. said...

Linda - they are going great. Getting so big. I just got a new camera and have been taking pictures of them for a post that will be coming soon!