Friday, June 1, 2012

# 277 - Barn Lover

I've figured out that either you're a barn-lover type or you're not. Some people are barn experts and help to revive a barn's history that captures the intrigue of passing time. Barns are one structure that weathering seems improve, time multiplies an old barn's magnetism.

Other people are happy to go the modern route with a colder approach to building a "barn" with metal. Shockingly, some aren't even concerned about the Barn-Red color that is IMPERATIVE to a true barn appearance!

Well, to be fair, there are "true" barns that are brown, white or grey. However, the red barns seem to have most of us hitting the brakes for a closer look at a slower pace. I guess old farmers had a racy side to them that was safe to express in their color choice for their barns. I've also heard other reasoning for barns being red, but they aren't as exciting as thinking about the farmer pulling out a pair of fancy underwear and being inspired to take it further.

This past week, Deputy Dave and I happened to come across a WOOD barn that appears to be either fairly new or renovated beautifully. It believe it's a pole barn. All I can say is that I was dreamy-eyed when this barn came into view. We pulled over to the side of the road for a few shots.

I loved the accents around the windows alongside the barn...pure perfection.

The wood siding gives an incredible texture and warmth to the barn. I think it'd even be nicer to have the double-sided large barn doors that swing open instead of these overhead aluminum garage doors.

The only difference we'd need to adopt in our own barn is to add overhangs for outdoor coverage along the perimeter of the barn, either on each side or on the front and back. I don't know. I'd love to actually see a variation of this kind with this type of structure. I might have variations of these barns in my photo collection, but for today, I'm focusing on this beauty.

I hope that June will allow us to find a day to drive to our land and meet our concrete guy so that he can start preparing the land for the spot we have chosen for our barn. I'm beyond excited at the prospect of standing on the concrete foundation of our barn/workshop and continuing the dreaming as the structure is finished. I hope to one day be holding a paint brush in hand...or an electric sprayer...and covering the wood sides with a double coat of barn RED richness.

Then, I can be in love with my own barn. Deputy Dave might have to shake me to pull me out of my trance.

I might think that old tractor is sexy, but a barn...well...a barn is downright mesmerizing.


Rae said...

Definitely a sprayer. :) I've painted barns with a brush. Baaaaad juju. Lol. said...

Rae - We've got a sprayer and I believe it will be put to very good use on our barn. I feel very thrilled that a spot for the barn has been selected by Deputy Dave and that we'll be starting the construction process as soon as possible. It makes me feel as if we're moving in the right direction! I've already had a call this morning to show the house; maybe we'll be on a roll!


Dreaming said...

We had the barn at our first home built by a local guy. We loved the outcome. Here are some pictures of barns his company has built.... they may give you some ideas, too. I think all of his are pole barns and they are all wood! said...

Dreaming --- I appreciate your link very much! I am going to sit and take a look at them all! This is part of the fun...I never thought I'd grow up to dream of building a barn!! Isn't life full of grand surprises?


Dreaming said...

You bet, on the surprises life brings our way!
We couldn't paint our barn red because of covenants in that community. But... we did get the essence with barn-red trim. This was our barn:
I really miss my barn - although I can't complain. What we have is adequate.

LindaG said...

Looking forward to seeing your barn! :o)