Sunday, June 10, 2012

# 281 - It's a Lingerie Shower!

WARNING: GRAPHIC, FUN, WILD PHOTOS of a LINGERIE PARTY! If you are easily offended, turn back now. If you have a humorous nature, then proceed with caution and enjoy the laughs to mix with our own.


In a peaceful country setting, on a ranch in Texas, my oldest daughter had a lingerie shower this past weekend. Heather's wedding is fast approaching, come October!

Heather's bouquet used during her
Bridal Shoot.

My sister and I drove the five hour trip to get there, and the next day we drove the five hour trip to get back home to the Houston area. It was fun for my sister and I to be able to spend time together during these long car trips.

Heather worked hard to make the shower extra
special. She bought "prizes" and special soap
from someone on Etsy which we girls wrapped
in plastic & attached a tag with black ribbon.

The shower itself was a riot. A bunch of young women of all ages laughed with abandon at the antics of these single gals preparing the bride-to-be for her married days.

Adorable cake matched theme.

Of course, these types of showers are full of jokester moments, but I think the Cowboy Condom was the most funny one of all.

 And this guy was pretty humorous.
Mr. Odd...dressed in Henry's clothes, each
time someone said his name, they'd
have to remove an article of clothing.

If I were young and innocent, I'd say the shower scarred me for life. However, I've been around for a few decades, seen a few things, and if men do not know what goes on at some ladies showers, they are better left off thinking we're opening a box with a blender in it.

The "P" ring-toss. Hysterical.

The entire experience was wonderful. My sister and I left the Houston area Friday afternoon and arrived outside of Fort Worth around 10pm that night. We walked into a house busy with shower preparations. Little did we know, instead of heading for the guest bedroom to plop down in exhaustion, we ended up sitting at the dining room table until past 1:00am cutting, hot gluing, stringing, tying and laughing. There was so much to do that my sister and I had eyes nearly popping out of our head. But, each of us stayed busy doing something and it all came together. I can honestly say that I'm thankful that I'm fast with a pair of scissors. Raising two girls and doing lots of projects throughout the years came in handy for this night.

ALL OF US GIRLS were at work to get the
decorations finished. The boys helped a bit,
the cookies were their specialty.

Beautiful decorations for the shower were hand-made. Heather is very talented and has such creative vision, she never ceases to amaze me.

My sister and I slept in the guest room together. Our heads hit the bed and we literally went fast asleep. Since we both are on-the-edge-of-the-bed kind of sleepers, we didn't stir a bit through the night. It seemed we had SO MUCH ROOM in the bed together because we're both accustomed to sleeping with husbands who are over six feet tall. I must say, we both missed the long, hairy legs. Well, we WOULD have missed them if we hadn't been so dog-gone exhausted.

The next morning, my sister got up and went to the store to buy REAL food to make us all breakfast, burritos with potato, egg and sausage. Delicious.

Stefie's boyfriend, Brice, is a sweetheart. He worked
very hard to make Heather's shower a blast.

Henry has a bonk on the nose, but is as
ruggedly handsome as ever, trying to
work on his creative side with cookies!

As the shower got underway, the guys soon headed out to town to shop for an RV as us gals enjoyed an afternoon of fun.

Of course, my best-friend Kelly, and her mother Earlene, also drove over three hours, one-way, to attend this shower. Having friends like this is what life is all about.

Earlene, Heather and Kelly

Henry's family wanted to throw a fun shower for Heather before the wedding. We have about four months before the wedding, but the showering with gifts is not over since we'll be having another one here in the Houston area so that all of the folks on this side of Texas can have a chance to send Heather off to married-land in good fun.

The shower in Houston will be more old-fashioned, with an old-style registry to allow Heather to stock up on needed things for the house, but the theme and decorating is left up to Heather's little sister, Stefanie. I'll be playing Momma with forking over funds for the baked goods that we'll be ordering from an OUTSTANDING bakery nearby that has a pastry chef on duty, daily...Magnolia's. My mouth waters just thinking about it! We're looking forward to the planning of the next shower now that we're onto the next step toward the wedding day and we'll make a good definitely takes a team to throw a shower. Anyone who wants to do it all by themselves is nuts!

Henry's family did a beautiful
job on the food. Every bite was great!

As for this past weekend, I had such a good time. I LOVE Henry's mom. We call her "Blondie." She's warm-hearted and has lots of experience with kids. She's a pro. We love their home, and I feel as if I've known Blondie and Herman all my life. They're THAT kind of people. However, I must say that a lot of Southerners will give you that feeling. It makes me proud of my Southern roots to be gracious to others and to receive graciousness.

Blondie gave my sister a little tour of the ranch that I'd already been fortunate enough to receive. For you regular readers, I got to see "Bella" again. She is Blondie's horse that seems to be very young and feisty. I got in a few good pets along her mane with the warning that she bit Blondie's boob recently. Well, I ain't scared...but I did heed the warning and watched Bella's jaw extra diligently.

Blondie took us by her garden that has been planted in an old corral that was not going to be used for much else. Her garden is growing beautifully!

Overall, the shower was lovely and fun and we had a room full of people who mean the most in Heather and Henry's life.

Robin and I drove home like two peas in a pod. We stopped for gas as we left the edge of town, then drove straight through Houston to get to our bayside communities without another stop. On the road, we encountered one particularly crazy 18-wheel driver with a shifting load. He could NOT stay in his own lane, it was touch and go for a while.

Robin dropped me off at my house. We were worn out when we got home and both of us were very hungry. I got home in time to kiss Deputy Dave goodnight as I wrestled up some ingredients to cook myself a dinner, which I quietly enjoyed, Phad Tai with sauteed shrimp. Dinner was awesome, if I might pat myself on the back for a moment.

The weekend was fun, exciting, busy and full of girly goodness. My oh my, us girls have lots of goodness!

Kelly doing the "P" ring toss, but has to stop
to laugh because her mom wants Heather to pose
with the "P" in place so she can show her husband
all the things that REALLY go on at these
kinds of showers. I have to say, the older,
experienced women were the best at the
"P" ring toss. Go figure.

A lingerie shower is definitely fun. If you have a great sense of humor and are ready to put aside inhibitions, then throw one of these for your next friend or relative who is getting married. No guys allowed...they wouldn't want to know that we ladies are not always little angels. Let them keep on thinking that we are ohhhing and ahhhing over the blender.


LindaG said...

Semi drivers that weave scare me. I slow down and let them get waaay ahead of me.

Looks like a grand affair for sure. :o)

Texan said...

rofl looks like you gals had a fun time LOL

Michelle said...

This post gave me such a good laugh! Looks like you guys had the best time! Wish I could have been there!!!!!