Wednesday, June 6, 2012

# 280 - A Barbie Model

The end of May brought a lot of happenings. My sister's birthday was on the 27th of May and she turned a whopping 37 years old!

We're over seven years apart, but my Sissy and I are extremely close. The two of us can talk about anything and everything. Nothing has the ability to come between the two of us.

For her birthday, we were all meeting at a restaurant by the bay. Needless to say, it was DELICIOUS! The decor appeared standard for a restaurant on the water. This particular place has docks on two sides of the restaurant for boaters to pull in and grab a bite.

This is one of my favorite spots for awesome seafood and a great atmosphere.

My brother-in-law and his son look like twins from different generations. Warren is an amazing brother-in-law. Nathan is a fun nephew. He has the cutest smile you'd ever see!

Of course, Shaye and Deputy Dave are having their own chats.

Robin is holding up the necklace and earring set we bought her for her birthday from Palais Royal.

I sat next to my dad during our lunch. He's losing his chance to smile big and pretty for this picture. Too bad; it's on the blog. He's actually sharing a good laugh with me, but not with the camera.

Shaye gets to see the Barbie that my dad bought my sister for her birthday. Long story. I LOVE to tease I'm trying to CONVINCE Shaye that the Barbie looks JUST LIKE ME. All that curly hair on that Barbie is so much like my own wild, curly hair.

"Shaye, this Barbie is a copy of your Aunt!"

She looks at me with this frown, not sure how to respond. Beautiful!

My niece Phoebe and my nephew Nathan are sharing a good-hearted laugh. They had a little too much fun while dining, which put us all in danger of spilled drinks.

Warren is a photographer for NASA. Well, he does much more than shoot pictures. Those space pictures that are sometimes on the news...this guy often gets the incoming shots from alien land.

Such a cute couple. Robin and Warren are a lot of fun to be around. Deputy Dave and me try to go out with them as much as possible. We always share a lot of laughs.

My sister is such a beautiful part of my world. She's definitely brought immense joy to my life.

Since Deputy Dave and I grew up together, my sissy is just like his own little sissy. When I was 13 years old and my sister was 6 years old, he would come over for a visit, and as he was leaving, she would stand up on her tippy-toes with her lips puckered for a good-bye smack. He was always so endeared to her sweet nature. My sister waited until she was 30 years old to get married, and Deputy Dave had to adjust to her new status because he'd always been "the man" for her to call for things to be done around the house. He'd fiercely protect her as his own little sister.

Of course, this little gal is a true riot. She's giving us her beauty queen parade wave good-bye.

Family...there's nothing sweeter and more's the best of everything rolled into one!


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Sure looks like you guys had a blast!

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