Thursday, June 14, 2012

# 285 - Loving Him for 26 Years

Sometimes, it's hard to fight back the urge to pack a few bags, load the truck and the trailer, then set up on our land...even if it has to be in a tent. I am overly eager to move to the country.

I guess the initial weeks there, we'll be adapting to a completely new lifestyle. That's okay by me. It's not a lifestyle that we aren't accustomed to, we've been part-time country residents all my life. There's enough of it in me for me to clearly understand the difference between city life and country life.

The dogs will love being in the country - the freedom they will enjoy is markedly different from the strict boundaries enforced in the city.

I will get to zone out and keep my blood pressure low by riding the lawn tractor every week to maintain the property.

So many trees throughout the land, some we will use for fencing and for other structures. I guess it's good to have trees growing prolifically all over your acreage. Grow baby might be my new dining room table one day!

While hiking across our land, we come across spots like this that have trees everywhere, but they rise to the heavens and tower over us.

I am checking out the possible site for our cabin and have knelt down to take notes, but Howdy is a bit distressed, he's inspecting me closely to see what might be the matter. Howdy, I'm just trying to do some math.

The scene behind our tent is pretty cool. These trees are so very tall that I can't even estimate their height. We look like an ant standing at their trunk.

I love being on our land. It speaks to you and lets you know that life is bigger than anything we can imagine. At these moments, I feel most treasured. God decided to put me in the middle of his creations. Cool.

As a final note, I've been loving him for 26 years and beyond. Today is anniversary #26 for Deputy Dave and I. It's hard to believe that 26 years of marriage has already swept by us. Some years were better than others, but we hope to fully take advantage of each year in front of us. Being in love is nice. Liking your husband and being his best-friend is powerful. We co-exist with gusto, except when we are too tired to gust with the gusto.

The great thing about being married for 26 years is that we only need to sit and hold hands. We touch, we stay connected with each other every day, and we are kind-hearted to each other. It's not always been that way, but we've evolved and are living a beautiful life. Let's just see how fast we can get us lovebirds moved to the country!


A Primitive Homestead said...

Happy Anniversary! Blessings!

mary i said...

We co-exist with gusto. I Love how you put feelings into words.Happy for both of you. Great photos of your new nest... :)

LindaG said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more for you both, especially out on your property. :o)

*hugs* ♥