Tuesday, June 5, 2012

# 279 - Yes, We Cried on a Reality Show

No guarantees, but it looks like my family will be airing on TLC, June 15th. It appears the commercials are being aired and people are seeing Heather, Stefie, myself and Deputy Dave...they are approaching us to say they saw the commercial that highlighted our enjoyable time on the show.

Reality show filming was an interesting experience. My daughter selected her wedding dress on the spin off show from "Say Yes to the Dress." The new show's name is, "Randy to the Rescue."

We are regular people...I love taking pictures, but I do NOT like being on the opposite side of the lens. This was not the most comfortable experience for me. However, as a family and for my oldest daughter with her wedding dress selection, it was one of the BEST experiences we could've asked to be given.

Randy, the star of the series, now he is a character. He is a sleek man, but don't be fooled by his sophisticated appearance; he's a country boy at heart...a country boy who HAD to get out of the country and into the city. He did the opposite of what Deputy Dave and I are craving. we are eagerly attempting to leave the city for the country, so I'm a tad jealous of Randy's country experiences while growing up. He might have wanted to leave the country as soon as possible, but it appears that the country cultivated his skills for city living. Being with cows drove him mad enough to face the sewing machine with zest. With a natural knack to operate his mom's sewing machine, he let his creativity flow. Eventually, he took his fashion skills to the big city and made a name for himself.

For a strong family such as mine, getting help for the wedding dress selection was imperative. We'd already been to a few wedding dress shops before we filmed this reality show and the trips were full of confusion. My problem, as mother of the bride, is that I love everything my daughter puts on. I am too easy to please because I think the GIRL is the beauty, not the dress.

You know, there are some moms like that in the world.

Of course, Randy found a dress that showed me another side to my daughter...he showed me a side to her that is a wallflower in certain dress designs. He truly knew how to help her find the best dress for her personality, a dress to make her glow and beam with happiness.

Randy's show concept for "Randy to the Rescue" is to travel around the United States with his truck-load of wedding dresses and film his attempts to find brides their perfect wedding dress.

Heather, my oldest daughter, and her fiance, Henry, had been excited about filming in Dallas for this new show.

Heather had a couple of friends show up for the filming and they were giddy with excitement to meet Randy. For so many girls, Randy is a walking dream. He's a wedding dress expert that gets to the heart of so many girls' dream-day, their wedding.

In the picture below, Heather has the mic on and her Sissy is bending over to "test" it out. We were in hysterics. I think our family was a bit odd and unexpected for this crew. The woman with the tall light brown boots in the corner of the photo is one of the "big-time" producers. She was adorable; I immensely enjoyed talking with her about her apartment in New York. I believe her ENTIRE apartment is as large as my living room.

In Texas, I'm told that we live in mini-mansions. Maybe so. Large houses are normal around here because square footage is affordable, but even I am tired of having near 3,000 square feet to maintain, especially with only the Deputy and I living in this house. Still, I can't imagine living in an apartment that is less than 400 square feet. I can't imagine living in a world with concrete everywhere and minimal signs of nature. Frankly, I'm not that enthralled by any way of life that pushes away nature. However, I can understand a person's desire to feel as if they are surrounded by swift action, crowds and business. For me, I've grown older and wiser, which means I better appreciate the slower, more quiet moments in life.

For me, I crave moments that Robert Frost described, such as seeing a butterfly Frost describes to be a "flying flower". These moments I savor and almost hold my breath while it happens. There is no cluster of people and there is no place that could give me a brighter moment for my soul than to simply be still and observe a fluttering butterfly.

Still, Stefie yelling "test, test, test" into the mic at Heather's chest was a moment for us to give a hearty laugh and to know the fun had just begun.

These two girls are my personal butterflies.

Heather is having the time of her life at this filming. Most of all, she's anticipating a wonderful experience while selecting her wedding dress. It's a big moment in her life; for it to be captured on film with a renowned wedding consultant at her side is a dream come true.

Before the show begins filming, we get the chance to sift through racks and racks of different wedding designer's creations. Some are awesome, yet a few are questionable in design.

Stefie, my youngest, was not afraid to be a bit too brutal in her personal assessment of some of these dresses. I usually don't want to hurt the feelings of another, but I have to admit, some of these dresses appeared to have been designed for a carnival show. Other dresses were elaborate and beyond my wildest dreams in expectations for a wedding dress. There is no doubt that the variety and selection of wedding dresses unloaded from Randy's truck were wide and varied for every person's taste.

Heather and her daddy had some fun posing for me.

They are so cute!

These two are making it difficult to hold the camera steady.

We're not even filming for the show, but it doesn't matter that the cameras aren't rolling...we're still having too much fun.

Stefie studied for exams in the middle of filming. That girl doesn't let anything interfere with her education. She's a prime example of what it means to remain focused and driven toward a goal. She supports her sister beautifully, but she doesn't compromise her own future in the process.

My mother, a Master Degreed woman, would always say, "Having a degree simply proves you can follow through with an assigned task. A REAL education teaches you truths, especially of how limited your knowledge will remain throughout life."

So true. However, Stefie is studying with diligence to become a professional in her chosen field as a Child Life Specialist. She will be marvelous at whatever she decided to do in her career. She's already proven that she's dedicated and loyal.

Under tremendous stress, even while taking an exam in the middle of a production crew, Stefie is not fazed.

In the photo below, Stefie is saying goodbye to one of the production crew members...this guy was essentially our "everything" during our days of filming in Dallas. He made sure we got from A to Z in record time, he checked mics, he made sure we were fed, he was our "bodyguard", he worked from sun-up to the time the sun was coming up again, he raced Deputy Dave to the airport to catch his flight...and he never quit smiling. People like this are a joy to be around.

Randy is addressing his crew in this shot that I took while off to the side. Graciously, he gave thanks to his crew for their long hours and dedication to making this show a hit. Many of these crew members work on other series as well.

Being with my girls during this wonderful time tinged with STRESS from having to appear on camera with your every expression, comment and hair out of place being continuously filmed, well, it was an awesome experience!

If you have TLC, watch on June 15th. Be warned, I think everyone, except Stefie, cries.

I cry, at the end, after Heather finds "the" dress, then I cry, a lot. But, Deputy Dave cries first. If a man can't cry for his daughter, then he is too numb for me. Well, let me back up, I believe Heather cries first, after we don't fall in love with her first "dream" dress ---- but I think Stefie was simply horrified by our crying. And, Heather does eventually find THE DREAM dress.

As for the crying, only the baby of the family wouldn't cry. If you watch, you'll be able to see it all unfold for yourself.

Stefie didn't boo-hoo with us. Isn't that how it always works out? In the strangest ways...


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