Sunday, June 3, 2012

# 278 - Barn Site Selected - Red Heaven

Deputy Dave has decided where he wants to build the barn/workshop. Out of nearly ten acres of wooded land, it can be difficult to make this final decision, but it's done!

The picture below shows the area where the barn will be located. It's near our camping zone. There are a few perks with building our first structure in this spot. We have a septic system in place, there are electrical poles, a security pole is installed (just needs a new light fixture), and the area is partially cleared.

Now, that leaves us still needing water. On this side of the property, the only way to get water is to truck it in or dig a well. Looks like we'll be digging a well.

In the shot below, behind the electrical pole and behind the truck area is where the barn/workshop will be built...somewhere in that zone to be close to the septic and electric hook-ups that are currently in place. We are expecting to meet with our concrete guy someone over this next month to discuss this part of our land and the possibility of building the barn here. If he thinks there might be a problem with the soil, we want to know now, not later.

Of course, we want to get started on the foundation as soon as possible. One thing is for sure, this barn will have an awesome view. I'd love to build a barn with a small look-out deck on top with the weather-vane. From up there, we could see out over our cabin in the woods (once it's built) and all around us for a good distance, to include the lake.

The shot below is what it looks like as we drive up to the part of land that will have the barn. I have a feeling that after building the barn, then putting in the white fencing, we will have us a piece of property with a market value that has significantly increased. The improvements will be stark and fitting for this acreage.

Once we build the cabin in the woods on the other side of the creek, we will be able to walk out the front door and look over the land in the distance to see the barn sitting there looking completely picturesque. We're putting our "Master Construction Plan" to work with practicality and aesthetics.

No doubt, I will have the barn insured. We will keep the barn fairly near the animals, but not too close to bring in smells and flies because the barn will also serve as a workshop.

Animal shelters will be separate structures built within their specific area and designed to withstand the strengths of the particular animal...we haven't gotten that far yet. But, we think we know where the pigs will happily live. That's for another day.

For now, we need to find some kind of prints to purchase or have some drawn up. Deputy Dave needs to decide upon the size of his barn. I know he doesn't want anything scrawny because it's going to be a multi-purpose building.

It's a B-A-R-N folks! It can't be an itty-bitty thing!

That's where we are on this barn construction end of things. We're getting there. Deciding upon the spot was half the battle. It's all downhill from here on out.

Once the barn sitting on that land, you can only imagine all the photos I'll be taking of that big beauty!

I think it might be lovingly referred to as, "Deputy Dave's Red Heaven."

Till next time!


Mike said...

Who ever heard of anything small coming from Texas? I'd say build something just short of mag-ginormical porportions.

DD's Red Heaven is a good name. Now, get busy! said...

Mike - you crack me up. That would make a good name for the barn. I think I will have to scale back my Texas-thinking mindset so we can afford to build the barn in our lifetime. But, I admit, I want MAG-GINORMICAL!!!

:-) Lana

LindaG said...

That is great that you have septic and electrical already in place. I didn't realize that.

That is awesome!

Loving your plans so far. Good luck! :o)

P.S. You can always add on to the barn later. ;o)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your plans that I can tell have been well thought out and each and every thing you'll need taken into consideration--I totally agree with you, it'll add a lot of value to your property and will be well used and enjoyed in the years ahead!

Vickie said...

Hey Lana - hey you're moving ahead! I know you're excited to begin building something. Progress is being made. I'm looking forward to seeing Big Red go up. Good that you already have your electric and septic in place. My husband has his Big Red, too, and when I can't find him, guess where he is??????

Anonymous said...

Alright !!
Draw your own plans, they don't have to be professional and will be a lot cheaper. You guys are smart enough to do that and who knows better what you want where?
We drew our house plans , but we also built them , so we knew what we wanted.
You are already a good way into it having a drive, electricity and septic .
I have never thought about buildings as adding value to our property (except when taxes roll around) , I was always worried about usefulness, practicality.
Can't wait to see how it all turns out.
Can you really call it a barn if you aren't keeping ANY of your animals in it? :) said...

Linda --- We've had about $6,000 in electrical poles installed around the property, a security light that fell apart in one of the hurricanes that had high winds reaching this area and this part (barn part) of property has a septic tank, but it's a basic model kind that will probably do fine with light usage with the barn having a bathroom, etc. used infrequently. This is why it's been such a huge ordeal to decide to built the cabin on the other side of the land. The bonus with the other side of the land...we can have city water ran to the house, which will be very important. But, we'll have to put in another septic because it's several acres distance away. Of course, we will have to have electricity ran to the cabin since all the poles are spaced so far apart from one another. We haven't used the septic since the RV was parked there, years ago. I hope it works okay. We'll probably have it inspected. So much to think about! The cabin site has nothing around it, but it will be the highest elevation and come with the easiest access and views.

Kim --- Thank you, for many years we've been working toward our "master plan" for building structures on the acreage. The kids are grown, husband is getting closer to retirement's time for us to get busy in the country!

Vickie --- I KNOW I will have to set up my own comfy place in the barn because Deputy Dave will sure be living most of his daylight hours out there. It will be a dream for him to have the space to do his word working projects and to have a place for all his fishing gear galore. We'll be fishing Lake Livingston a lot...looking forward to fried catfish and blackened catfish! As for the barn/workshop, we'll have to have an intercome of some kind because there will be several acres between the cabin and the barn. The days of me being able to step out the backdoor and to yell for him, well, those days will be over. I think I can hear him saying, "Y E S!" :-)