Friday, November 9, 2012

# 372 - Ignorance is Not Bliss

I am in disbelief over events unfolding with the CIA.

Most of us know that military decisions demand that the ranks of military be able to make life-saving decisions at the right time. If some of these decisions are on hold until Washington politicians get involved, then we will probably continue to see our fellow Americans, who are putting their lives on the very line of danger, be killed.

This is a terrible issue for our country to confront. The question of HELP being requested by Americans working in government positions, on foreign soil, and the desperate request being stamped, "DENIED." So, the ones in need end up dead.

As a citizen of the United States, I cannot be quiet over this topic, especially not after what happened today. There's no doubt, I've been appalled at the Benghazi, Libya situation.

Moreover, I am disgusted that General Patraeus, the Director of the CIA, handed in his resignation today to President Obama, over a marital affair, even though Roosevelt, Johnson, Kennedy and Clinton had affairs and continued at their posts. How does a CIA Director end up confessing such a thing only days after the presidential election? Does anyone else find this timing to be HIGHLY suspicious for the White House?

Does anyone else highly doubt that a CIA Director, a man who is an Army General, would be issuing such a painfully personal reason for their resignation? If you've been around military, then you know this is likely a lame excuse to get rid of Patraeus. Even if he had been involved in an affair, it is not a reason for an Army General/CIA Director to RESIGN from his post. If he had an affair, then it was a stupid move, but this man has served his country as a military icon and this is not an acceptable reason for a resignation, except for an administration that appears to be escorting him out the door very quickly after the election. I wonder what will happen to Hillary?

This smells very foul.

And just so you know, I vote split-ticket. Yes, I voted for Clinton. I felt that his personal actions were not a reason to hang him out to dry professionally, but I do admit the Oval Office abuse involving the cigar was over the top. I don't think this was digestable for Americans picturing the Oval Office as a place of boundaries. Check it at the door Mr. President, please.

So, this concern I have today for our country revolves around highly questionable acts that should not be walked by with closed eyes. What will be next?

Is this the best reasoning that could be contrived for a resignation of such a high-ranking official? Is this supposed to make the political "right" accept the General's situation as proof that he should not be our CIA Director or a future political candidate?

It is even more questionable that the House of Representatives and Senate were to have closed-door intelligence committee meetings NEXT WEEK with Patraeus testifying on the Benghazi fiasco. Does this timing strike anyone as disturbing?

I cannot imagine being a family member of a Benghazi victim.

Can any of us imagine heading toward a major intersection and a massive chase is underway, going through that intersection before our eyes...with a car full of passengers, we must turn right to avoid the accident, so we must hit the "red button" to call Washington to get permission to make that right turn...and to our horror, they deny us. The button worked, but the person in charge of giving the approval decides that our life is not worth granting permission to do what is necessary to save lives. We have no choice but to plow ahead and be massacred.

None of us should feel we are too far removed or immune from such government induced tragedies. The people in Benghazi hit that red button. It was met with a denial.

This Benghazi tragedy is a sign to me that our government is out of control and consumed with other priorities beyond security of its citizens. What is another sign of a government out of control? It's also a government that has spending that cannot be met by the tax-payers. The national deficit is basically like us having a bank account that is devastatingly American citizens own that bank is us people who are going to have to pay to get that deficit paid off. Of course, it's not likely that we'll see it paid down in our life-time at this rate of growth. It's unlikely our children will be able to do it either, unless they pay, pay, pay, pay in higher and higher taxes. The past four years have not shown that the deficit is being reduced, it's being increased more than ever. That deficit sure isn't going to disappear on its own. It takes us people to pay it down to make it go away OR the government must get its spending under control. I vote for the government to get itself under control, but that option looks bleak.

Then, we have a Harvard educated, lawyer-professor President who seems to have little understanding for so many Americans who are suffering. As we struggle, he is entertaining Hollywood and the family is taking more vacations to dream destinations than any of us could imagine. First of all, none of us could imagine living in the White House and being catered to at every turn...maids, secretaries to answer our phones, cooks, entertaining specialists, wardrobe provided free of charge...not much to do other than make public appearances and try to do the right thing with your time. Therefore, if I were in the position of living in extravagance, on the country's dime, as the country endures massive unemployment, I think I'd pass on any vacation photo opportunities because it's a bit like spitting in the face of people who can't even pay their rent or mortgage.

A speech cannot take the place of actions.

Today, I am severely disappointed in the going "Forward" message that includes Patraeus resigning at a time that raises more questions than ever.

If anyone is sick of the Benghazi situation, then they need to think about it from the perspective of anyone having a loved one in the service of their country. I admire the people who take a risk to take jobs in foreign countries, especially as an American in the Middle East. If they ask for help...Why would they be denied? Why?

General Patraeus is resigning at a time of great turmoil with Libya and other Middle East troubles. This resignation is getting the attention of many in our country. I hope that people will not ignore such things --- I hope disaster doesn't have to come to our individual doorsteps before we start paying attention. We cannot pretend that disaster is not happening, it is. How far does it have to go?

Now, supposedly, Patraeus is not going to testify at the hearings. Since he is the CIA Director, I doubt that any replacement can even cover the Director's first-hand knowledge, maybe that's the entire point.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is our destruction.


Dee said...

I see where Hillary has passed on the invitation to testify at the hearings. Pray for our country.

Anonymous said...

I heard this morning the pres is going to have to appt a new Sec of State as Hillary wants to 'move on'.
I am glad you aren't 'staying out' of this. It makes me sick. Can you imagine being the Navy Seal who showed the target for them to strike and then them NOT doing it. He gave himself up with doing that.. and was killed by the target area he had outlined.
I ma crying right makes me so mad and sad .
The White House was watching the videos real time and still did nothing.....not excuseable!
This incident should be shouted from the rooftops so all of America realizes what REALLY happened and it should've happened before the election when it happened, so we wouldn't have to suffer through another term.
Seems the ones taking all the trips and living the high life are doing no different than the others sucking off of the government teat.
Can you tell I am disgusted?
There is nothing I can do...I voted..but otherwise am powerless.
Beth said...

Dee - Hillary is on her way out as well. Out of everyone now serving in politics, she has such integral knowledge of foreign affairs; she will be missed. Everyone who seemed to have first-hand, high-powered knowledge of this incident is suddenly leaving their government positions, for this and that reasoning. Who will that leave holding the bag? Maybe this is being done on purpose. I don't know, but this is not an issue any of us Americans should shut our eyes to --- those people killed depended on America backing them up. Sickening.

Beth --- I am with you. The way this was put on the back-burner, purposefully, is in itself beyond disturbing. Now, after the election, people with first-hand knowledge and foreign affairs clearance are being shown the door, for one reason or another. It is also a sign that Obama is not going to be surrounded by the truly experienced persons. Hillary was a major asset. To be honest, she would have had my vote as President and had much more experience in all areas. I guess the Harvard lawyer with teleprompter abilities and bad math skills will be the one with it all on his shoulders. It will be very interesting to see how the White House tries to wiggle out of this terrible situation. Hoping people forget about it should not be an option. Americans...we SHOULD care about these things. As far as I am concerned, this proved, along with other major mistakes with our military, such as his rush-to-the-podium moment after Bin Laden's execution to reveal Seal Team 6, even the dog, I cannot say that I feel we have a real Commander in Chief. We have a Commander of Hollywood.

Sure wish Hillary would have been the President; I don't think our deficit would be as it is...she is a Clinton and they were damn good at REALLY knowing how to do the math and knowing how to work with both parties.

Oh well. It is what it is. But, accountability better take place --- I'm SICK of the blame game. The big boy needs to step up to the plate and quit pointing fingers. It's been YEARS and he's had a chance...I guess we'll keep moving forward down a path that is not so great. I sure would have liked to have seen a real change take place so someone with real math skills could have been in charge.

All we can do is hope that Congress will do their part.

I wonder who will end up taking Hillary's place? Who wants to travel abroad when the White House won't even send help when needed? I guess this impacts me in a strong way because we lived overseas and always thought our country would rally behind us, if ever needed. When did this become a chin-tapping moment?


LindaG said...

This smells very foul.
I told my hubby the same thing.

I voted, and I did not win.
Continue your move to your property.

We are thinking of chickens and have decided 25 would be too many, haha! Maybe 12? I don't know.

*hugs* and God bless, Lana. ♥ said...

Linda --- I'm glad you got moved to your property. Lots of chickens sounds like a great idea. Some of the best food to have, if the economy tanks and things spiral down further. We have GOT to get this house back on the market. We changed some rooms around this weekend and got us a new bed, so it will be easier now. But, we really want to get our from underneath this large home, especially now. As for chickens again, 12 is an excellent number to start, especially since you have enough space.

I adore you Linda!


Anonymous said...

I heard this morn that the thing Hilary is moving on to is the run for president in 2016. Beth