Friday, November 9, 2012

# 371 - Camel on the Ranch

My grand-dog "Thor" is a cutie! Puppies have this way of flopping themselves right into your heart. This mini-Australian Shepherd is a bundle of fun. He has such a cute personality and loves to play. He's finally hit that age to where he'll lay back in my arms for a while, like a sweet little baby and he loves it when I rub his ears. He's a fun guy.

There's no doubt, we really need to get ourselves moved to our acreage, get some fences up for all the dogs to have lots of play space, then we adults can have fun without worrying about the dogs messing up the house.

Having a house in the suburbs gives us very limited private recreational space to work with, but the country gives us lots of romping room.

House is officially back on the market today. Round 2 begins. Let's see if we can get this bad-boy sold as soon as possible! Since another recession might be possible, I feel an intense desire to unload this house.

Hey, my daughter's father-in-law has gone beyond getting dogs and horses, he just purchased a young camel.

This is one we've all laughed about. They live near Fort Worth on a ranch and their camel is definitely an odd addition, but how could you say no to this cute fuzzy creature?

I sure hope they know how to take care of camels. I wonder if it eats dog food or horse food? I have no idea. I'll find out and let you know. This is sure to be an adventure for them!


Dreaming said...

LOL at the camel! There are two camels in a pasture about 20 miles from us. You will almost always see at least one car stopped so someone can take pictures - as they are so out of place!
Good luck with the sale of your house. said...

My daughter's mother-in-law is probably going to end up being great pals with this camel as she is such a beautiful person who is good with large livestock, so a camel can't be much different! Hehehaha. ???

I am going to have to go back to visit them very soon, just to see the camel walking around their land. I bet those camels on that acreage near you are hysterical to watch. They are odd, rather fascinating.


Karen C. said...

HA! That is awesome! I keep telling my husband we need a camel. A horse trainer I met a few years ago has trained a couple of camels to ride. She lives in Guthrie, OK. She did video from above and it was great! Have fun!

Karen and Mustang Tripp