Friday, November 30, 2012

# 377 - Ring ding-a-ding Day at Texas State University!

This week, my "baby" girl received her class ring from Texas State University. Am I proud? Yes, you're darn tooten! Stefie is a sassy little thing, barely 90 pounds, but she felt ten feet tall as she heard her name called from the podium to prompt her ring ceremony walk.
Texas State is a unique university in the Texas Hill Country. It has the San Marcos River winding through the town, which eventually leads to the Guadelupe. If you've never been to Texas, then you might want to know about this major recreational activity that many, many Texans have experienced...floating the river, me included, YEARS ago.

Old Man River - - - San Marcos

As part of the Texas State Ring Ceremony tradition, the students receive their rings and then dunk them into the river. Paying tribute to this tradition, the university sets up an elaborate waterfall, filled with water from the San Marcus River and as the students are handed their ring, they then walk to the waterfall and dunk their ring into the water so that all can go through this ritual, whether they make it to the actual river, or not.

Of course, the students are encouraged to take their ring to the actual river for an official ring dunking, on the spot. I can only imagine how many rings are floating at the bottom of that river!

As for us parents, this moment was a tremendously positive memory --- to see that kid walking in all her cuteness to get her ring --- it was a lot of fun. And since she looks so darn young, not at all like a 22-year old woman, my husband was yelling, "I'm so proud of my thirteen-year-old daughter!" It was quite humorous.

Now, we've seen both of our daughters receive their university rings. Our oldest, Heather, received her ring from Texas A&M. The big moment at that massive university was simply waiting for the chance to sign for the ring, but Texas State is small enough to actually still call each student's name in an official ceremony to get their ring. Both experiences have been wonderful.

The Sisters --- My Girls!

I can tell you one thing...Texas State is an awesome university and a perfect fit for my youngest daughter. The college town of San Marcos is jam-packed with every restaurant and store imaginable, enough to rival any metropolitan area. In addition, the town is comprised of rolling hills and trains tooting their horns on the various tracks, to make it feel like an authentic old town combined with awesome technology and convenience of today's time-frame.

Best of all, my husband's Aunt Normandy, who is right around 80 years old, showed up for the ceremony. She had received her own ring from Texas State during her youth, sometime in the 1950's.

I took a photo of these two gals together and of their hands displaying their Texas State rings. Since this aunt never had children of her own, she is especially proud to have family following in her footsteps.

Over 60 years difference between aunt and niece's ring day!

For the celebration dinner, we took the kids, including our awesome new son-in-law, Henry, as well as Stefie's sweet boyfriend, Brice, to Outback Steakhouse --- the restaurant of Stefie's choice. Being the Ring Girl has its advantages!

Dinner was delicious and we enjoyed an evening of fun conversation revolving around football, funny television shows, the history of the Berlin Wall coming down and other interesting topics. Then, our oldest daughter kept saying, in a too loud voice, that her husband's dinner of pork smelled like a "fart." I wanted to explain to the neighboring tables, "She's a degreed Biology major...please excuse her sense of 'scientific' terms during dinner." A fart? Really?

Overall, this day with Stefie was a wonderful time to share with her...seeing her earn a token of her hard work was rewarding in itself. Plus, her ring was fairly gorgeous.



Our grown daughters; they are getting to the point to where
they will be doing things, for better or for worse, with their
own growing families. It sure won't be easy, but it will be
worth it. Once our kids start having kids, they will learn how
challenging life can REALLY be...CAN'T WAIT!
I am delighted to be the proud mom of a Texas State student. Being a Native Texan, I understand the pull this university has upon Stefie. In my opinion, they are blessed to have her...she is one smart doll.

Yes, I'm strutting proud Momma gear!