Monday, November 5, 2012

# 370 - Super Sexy!

A few weeks ago, on the drive home from Heather's wedding (our oldest daughter), my husband was a sly devil and took a photo of me snoozing. He immediately posted it on Facebook. He liked it. I had no idea it existed until my sister called and told me she loved the picture of me asleep on the way home while wearing our mother's red hat.


The hat had been put on an honor chair at my daughter's wedding for her grandmother and since I had it in my lap on the way home, I decided to wear it to help block the sun from my eyes. The shape of the hat worked perfectly to block out harsh rays of sun so I could relax and catch some much needed zzzz's.

Between my orthopedic neck pillow, the pillow in my lap, my cell phone hanging from the collar of my shirt, and the red hat with my hair splayed everywhere, I thought this shot was Super Sexy and had to be passed on to my blog buddies for a peek. I think the orthopedic pillow cinched the "S" in sexy...Don't you think?

I guess I should be thankful there wasn't an open gaping mouth or drool involved. It could be worse!


Anonymous said... look peaceful.

Dreaming said...

I cracked up at your last comment, as that's what immediately came to mind!
I think the shot is great - it brings peace and contentment to mind!

Dee said...

That is what I was going to say - at least your mouth wasn't open! Too funny.

Vickie said...

Oh I don't know, I sorta like drool... Now I'd pay good money to see that in person! Cute picture, Lana!

Cheerful mum said...

Hi Lana I love reading your blog, you have a sunshine personality, and I appreciate the loving way you speak about your husband and family x x Marian said...

Cheerful mum...I am a person who is always grateful for all that I have and I one to be thrilled for all the potential life holds, but I sure have my moments of wearing my heart on my sleeve! Thank you for recognizing the good moments I do have! :-) I do try to be sweet, 99% of the time! haha