Sunday, November 4, 2012

# 369 - Gooey Butter Cake

My mother had many cookbooks that she referred to over the years; she loved to cook. After she passed away from breast cancer at 57 years of age, my sister and I split up the cookbooks, some for her house, some for mine.

This cookbook had been given to my mom as a gift from my incredible Aunt Peggy who is now in her mid-80's and still lives in downtown Houston. As the wife of a prominent business man, my Aunt Peggy always had something interesting to give others, especially from her work as a volunteer in many organizations. That woman has spent her life helping others, including my mother as she was dying. So, any gift from my Aunt Peggy is especially treasured. She's a beautiful woman. I hope this explains the special feelings I have with sharing this cookbook with you.

This cookbook had been part of a fundraiser. It is old. Many of the ingredients are proof of this cookbook's age. Ingredients such as, oleo or a "Box" of powdered sugar, which had been the standard, for years. Then, there is "sour milk" which I don't think I've ever cooked with and wouldn't know how to go about creating it...the thought brings on a slight gag-reflex.

But, I'm not the cook around here. So, I will share with you a few recipes from this cookbook that had been given to my mother and let you give me comments on what you think about the recipes. I hope you enjoy!

This recipe is for GOOEY BUTTER CAKE, which sounds sinful and indulgent. Also, the ingredients are those that I comprehend. It doesn't seem too difficult to make, so I like it even better. I'll try it over the next couple of weeks.

If you happen to make it, at any point in this blog, make your comments. A new comment always shows up for me, no matter how old the blog post.

I photographed the recipe in two portions. Don't pay attention to the Pumpkin Cookies recipe because it is not the featured recipe for this post. However, I might post that one as well.

...the rest of the recipe's instructions...

Gooey Butter Cake sure does sound scrumptious.


LindaG said...

The things I learn while trying to help someone. :o)

Did you know that sour milk is used in the making of yogurt and cheese? I did not know that, either. :o)

I bet you won't gag at all if you go to this link, Lana. How to make sour milk. I will have to bookmark it, or save it to my computer, I think. Thank you!

As for the recipe you posted, it looks interesting. My Granny used to make me Angelfood cake with Sticky Pink Frosting for my birthday every year, but I never had the sense to get her recipe for it.
I may try this once my kitchen is working. :o) said...

Linda --- thank you! And I bet that Angelfood cake with pink sticky frosting had to be so special! I'm glad to hear you guys are still moving along toward getting the house the way you want it. It always takes three times longer, three times the energy, and three times more money than we expect!