Monday, November 12, 2012

# 374 - Move the Shed & Back-Up Heat

I miss the fresh air of the country. And, on our acreage, you can actually see the Fall colors throughout the landscape.

Sometime over the next few weeks, we will be going to look at a few houses that some of the builders on our list has constructed. Need to see their work up close.

Even if it is chilly, we will probably camp-out on the land and savor each moment in nature. Last year, we camped, without heat in 42 degree weather and that wasn't fun. It was so cold that we called the big dogs to get into bed with us. Howdy laid across me for most of the night, knowing I was shivering. He gives off more heat than an electric heating pad. The dogs made all the difference to our level of comfort.

It's a good thing to teach your dog to cuddle.

We have this nice-sized shed on the back-side of our property. It sure would be nice to have it moved to the area we set up and work around, mostly. This shed could actually be a great temporary quarters during cold weather and it would allow us to leave a few things on the property as we get closer to staying there full-time.

Yes, it's a nice shed and we sure could use it. Moving it is on my list of priorities. Maybe the Deputy can hook it up to the tractor or truck and slowly drag it around to the right side of our property. It sure would be a fun undertaking! Perhaps I can enlist my brother to come out and help move it.

I'll let you know how it goes.

For our upcoming camping trips, just in case, we will be buying a little heater. Then, we won't be hypothermic and having to deal with worried family members back in the city who are concerned were going to become Texas country popsicles.

Little do they know, we are very experienced campers, and like I said, we have dogs, big dogs. We have back-up heat.


Alicia said...

Your shed *looks* drag-able to me. However, I don't have good stories to tell on the shed dragging! I had one, about twice the size of your and all wood, collapse in the middle of my driveway when Hubby was trying to relocate it. What fun that was, haha. And what good dogs you have! We have a portable propane heater that is indoor safe..Little buddy I thing it's called. Happy camping!

LindaG said...

Looks like it has a good base. Make sure the way is clear.
I see it's on... 2x4's? Perhaps you could make a plywood 'sled' for the leading edge of the pull to help it along.

Sounds like a good plan. Both the storage and the heater. ;o)

Have a blessed week! said...

Alicia - I hope we end up better than the fallen shed, but it is nerve-wracking to think about tackling! The worst part of it, for us, is having to drag it down a stretch of Farm to Market road. But, we really need that shed closer to the area we will be building.

Linda - I believe it's already on skids, so it might be able to be dragged out of there fairly easy. I guess we will see. There is a gate we have to get through, but it's part of our land, yet someone keeps putting a chain on it. We will have to pull it down the road alongside the lake and to the side road, then down the Farm to market road to get around the creeks etc. and to the front of the property. Eek!