Tuesday, February 12, 2013

# 402 - Dad is in Love, Again

This past weekend, my dad made an exciting purchase. He finally bought a Mustang! This is a car he's wanted for a LONG time. He even bought the six-speed manual transmission because he felt like an automatic transmission would be cheating himself out of the full experience of owning a Mustang.

He came over with his new toy, then took me for a brief spin, and it is nice, indeed.

It makes me happy to see him happy.

My dad is a working man, the kind who does not dream about retirement. I believe he will find some job to keep him busy until the day he can no longer put one foot in front of the other.

I think this car is a birthday present to himself since he will be 67 in March. He's still a young one.

You do know that 60 is the "new 40," --- right?

So, I am very happy to see him enjoy some benefits of all that working! I'm glad that he realizes he deserves such rewards, he's earned them.

My dad and my mother were married for about 40 years when she passed away. The two of them had some great "Mustang" moments together that can't be beat, and I'm speaking literally and figuratively.

Often, the two of them were like kids together. Heck, they had actually been kids when they got married and a big part of them retained their child-like quality throughout their marriage, which was good and bad. Overall, it was mostly good.

At this point in my dad's life, according to him, a relationship is more about companionship than anything else, especially because he's already been down the road of "everything else." These days, a relationship is more about watching a television series with someone who is content enough to sit there on the sofa and be willing to discuss the ups and downs of the latest episode. It's about collecting an extensive DVD movie collection. It's about enjoying the dogs together. It's about drinking a glass of tea and eating a BBQ sandwich with a friend.

However, I must say, it's nice to see my dad actually fall in love again, even if it is with a car...oops, I mean...a Mustang.


Mike said...

The whoa-man and I sit and watch tv together. We speak to each other, on occasion but, most of the time are just near by, if needed. Neither of us judge the other, nor do we try to be the boss. It works for us and we are happy with it.

Might the Mustang be a 40-year-old's extension? ;-)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Good for your dad! Just reading this made me smile. After my hubby retired, we got a couple of his dream cars, too. Not new ones, though. Stuff he had to rebuild, which he thoroughly enjoys. An old El Camino, a Corvette, and a Model A. said...

Mike - Good points. I think the trick to a relationship is to simply respect each other, with loving attitudes as the only attitude. Easier said than done! And that Mustang has brought out the teenager in my dad. Us three kids are very happy he bought that car. It's time for him to enjoy some good things in life!

Susan - I think I would be the model car kind of person as well. I always love looking at the model cars, planes, etc., and can imagine how much fun it would be to build a collection to have on display! And, no insurance or mechanical expenses involved!


Karen said...

Hi Lana, congratulations to your dad on that sweet ride! And a manual transmission is the Only thing to have in a car with so much horsepower, an automatic seems so wimpy! I think this is the best-looking Mustang yet, loved the looks of it.

And though I've only been married 34 years, I second the thought that though there is still passion, there is also peaceful companionship and comfort in knowing your spouse will always be there for you, no matter what. said...

Karen - he is truly living a dream with that car! And, you're exactly right about the good parts about marriage lasting that long, the security and familiarity that comes with a long marriage are comforts that are indeed hard to beat. Like having a right arm. And thirty-four years is an amazing record these days for marriage! It's always inspirational to hear of others who have made it work!


Ian Holland said...

Lana, tell your Dad that I am available for adoption and would be happy to drive his car!:-} said...

Ian --- you crack me up! I am wondering when and if he will ever let me drive it! The first car that I purchased on my own was a stick shift and I reminded him that I drove a stick for 15 years before I got an automatic and he gave me the evil eye. So, I am not holding my breath for him to let me drive it any time soon. But, I can understand his feelings --- this car is obviously going to be his "new" baby! He'd probably love for you to adopt HIM so that he could enjoy the beautiful scenery you get to see every day!