Friday, February 22, 2013

# 407 - Lakeside View and a Sunset

Taking a walk around the lake adjoining the acreage brings me great tranquility. It's nice to sometimes see young teenagers in their little boat as they fish.

It's a little quiet piece of this planet I enjoy thoroughly.

Taking a walk through the woods is the kind of adventure I most enjoy at this phase of my life...quiet and with solitude. Of course, with Howdy romping all over the place, it's not always quiet.

Near the future home-site, this will be the backyard.

It would be nice to build a small cabin right on our land in a spot where the lake can be seen with great views. But, access to the house would be more challenging.

In this area, you look straight ahead at the lake.

There's something soul-touching about being close to the water. It's beautiful, relaxing, inspirational and the scenery just makes you feel good inside.

It'd be nice to walk out the front door and to enjoy the lake.

However, it's not practical to build at the back of the property near the lake, especially because there are two areas of creek that we would have to go over and that would mean a significant, sturdy engineered bridge to accommodate crossing traffic.

And here's the other area that has to be crossed.

In the below shot, you can see the first crossing and in the distance, the picture shows the dip of the creek. This is an area of land that is both incredibly awesome while also being a humongous pain. However, I'd never give up the beauty and specialness of having a spring fed creek on our land.

There's no doubt I am eager to enjoy some sunsets in the country. The photo below is the sunset captured as we are leaving the acreage.

It's not always easy to head back into the Greater Houston area, especially when we are leaving the natural beauty of the country and having to put distance between us and fresh country air.

Knowing that we get to come back another day, very soon, is a happy thought. Until then, I enjoy life right where I am.

As my great-grandmother Lola would say, "All's not so bad."

No, all's not so bad, not at all.


Rae said...

Beautiful scenery!!! I'm jealous of the lake!

LindaG said...

Maybe you can build a small cabin for weekend get-a-ways...
Have a great weekend!


Beautiful property but I can see why you would not want to tackle creeks etc to get to your home. All that back land can be for your enjoyment only! Build so the house is easy access.
I was drawn into this piece as soon as I started reading and I'm glad I followed along to the whole post because of the beauty of the sunset. Wow. Yes, that would draw you back for more. Blessings, Barb

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A Primitive Homestead said...

The lake view is beautiful. Maybe you two could build a small shelter from downed trees to spend some romantic nights to wake to beautiful sunrises. Blessings! Lara

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!

Maybe you can build a little one room bunk-house near the lake? That would be a fun "weekend" get-away once you move up there, and the grandkids would LOVE it! :)

Karen said...

Love the views, Lana. I can see why you would love to build your home overlooking the lake, but I can also understand why it wouldn't be practical. I could see a lovely little cottage there, though. Your land is gorgeous!

When we built our house years ago I would have loved to site it forty acres back and have a winding, tree lined driveway, but instead we ended up plopped way too close to the road. It's a good thing the road is quiet and boony, but if I had it to do over again, things would definitely be different. Oh, well, all's not so bad!

WhisperingWriter said...


Vickie said...

I agree - some good ideas here Lana - build you a little cottage near the lake after you get your house built! That would be fun!